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Bookmarks messed up

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Searching for bookmarks that disappeared, I discovered that my bookmarks are badly messed up. There appears to be two tiers of bookmarks (see image), and I have no idea how it got that way. Is there any way I can merge the 2nd tier back to the main tier? Running latest FF ESR version, Win10PRO 64 bit. Thanks....

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it's probably better just to delete the extra tier.

btw: are you actively logged into your FF account as this issue occurs? If so, then it could be the sync feature that is continuously active and could be creating issues for you. So keep the account closed.

if the issue continues, we may have to create a new profile.

also, take a look at the bookmarks that MSEdge is storing for you. Do you find any similarities with FF?

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Thanks for your reply.... but I don't want to delete it because it contains numerous bookmarks not in the tip tier. I don't log in to FF and don't use Sync. And I only tried Edge when I suspected a problem with a web page and wanted a second opinion. I never imported bookmarks into Edge or IE before it. I guess what I need is a way to merge the lower tier into the top for missing bookmarks only, maybe I need to write a program (all time consuming). A new profile is even more painful.

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thanks for additional info. i can understand that you have never used Edge. but i think it has used you :-) this is why i suggested to look into it as i suspect there is a copy of your bookmarks in it. if so, then they can be imported by FF.

in regards to editing bookmarks, such as merging. this might be accomplished via html, ie export to html, edit in html, then import the html . but last i checked this was kind of a sloppy way for me to work with bookmarks

There is something that might be of help to you.

Inside the bookmark library, ie File Menu Bookmarks Showall, you can actually manipulate bookmarks to and from sections.

For example, open up a section such as that 2nd teir folder on the right hand pane. Then on the left pane you should see a detail listing. Highlight one of the bookmarks with a mouse click, then press the shift key and arrow down the list to bold them. Afterwards, right click and use the cut or copy methodology to paste them in other sections.

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Edge has imported my FF bookmarks alright ... bad boy! But it can't alter the bookmarks in FF, can it? Otherwise I don't care, I haven't actually lost anything. Looks like I need to go through it all with bookmark manager and move whatever is misplaced. Thanks for your help.

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Ah, so you discovered microsofts little dirty secret, huh?  :-)

I cannot gaurantee that the other browser wont screw up your bookmarks. For one thing, i dont know how it gets access to them and when, ie under what circumstances. But as long as the opportunity exists for the other browser to aggregate your use data, including PW's, there is also a possibilty the other browser can corrupt your FF user files as well.

Regardless, the above is done via some sort of background procedure. However, you can take more control of this privacy breach and capitalize on it with the other browser.

So if you open Edge you can then manually execute an import from FF. It will then copy 100% of your user data. This data will then be stored for you, like a backup of FF.

And then if your FF ever becomes corrupted or you create a new profile, you can manually execute an import from Edge.

Lastly, i dont recall if i mentioned it to you, but go ahead an create clones of your current FF profile. Keep two spares handy. And then if the current profile becomes corrupted, you can invoke / activiate one of the clones and be back in business.  :-)

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If you use Sync then best is to disconnect Sync temporarily during troubleshooting.

This can be caused by a problem with the places.sqlite and favicons.sqlite databases in the Firefox profile folder.

  • use "Verify Integrity" button on the "Help -> More Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page

If errors are reported with "Verify Integrity", close and restart Firefox or reboot and retry.

If "Verify Integrity" cannot repair places.sqlite, rename/remove all places.sqlite and favicons.sqlite files in the Firefox profile folder with Firefox closed. Firefox will rebuild places.sqlite and restore the bookmarks from a recent JSON backup in the bookmarkbackups folder.

  • keep a backup copy of places.sqlite in case a new places.sqlite database has to be created

You lose the history when a new places.sqlite is created.

See also:

You can use the button on the "Help -> More Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

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Verify Integrity doesn't report any errors. In fact nothing is apparently wrong with FF, just that extra tier of bookmarks. They look pretty old, so I may just delete them. I just did a clean reinstall of the latest ESR and copied in my important information like passwords and cookies database and imported the bookmarks and everything looks fine. Anyway thanks for all the suggestions.

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