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Cannot bookmark multiple history pages

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I want to bookmark 10 selected history pages. I selected them, and right-click gives me the context menu as shown on the attached screen shot. But selecting "Bookmark Pages" does not work. Only individual pages selected this way will bookmark. And the option there "Open all in tabs" works fine, and I can then bookmark the 10 open tabs. But that wastes my time and bandwidth, and supposing I want to bookmark hundreds of history pages? Opening them all in tabs would break the machine.

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Maybe use a copy (history) and paste (bookmarks) if bookmark all pages isn't working.

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Thanks cor-el, that works. Drag and drop to a bookmark folder on the toolbar also works. Is the non-working context menu a bug to report? Please try it yourself.

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This might have worked never with multiple history items selected (works for a single item). I tried it in Firefox 52 and it doesn't work there as well as in current Firefox releases, that is why I suggested the workaround.

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You may try my add-on for this task -> See (or attachment) for what to do. 1) find history items - h shows last visited pages 2) use e.g. shift + click to select multiple pages 3) choose folder from Bookmark drop-down list

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