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Junk Filtering - still not working properly

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Hi again!

I posted a couple of weeks back about junk filtering. Thought I'd sorted out the problem, but it is still not working as I expect.

I now have a Junk folder (2, in fact, one under my main account and another under Local Folders. Thunderbird correctly identifies most of my Junk mail, but is still leaving it in my inbox. I've set it in both places in the guidelines to move it to the Junk Folder, but that is not happening.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Could it have anything to do with being on POP rather than IMAP?

Thunderbird knows the junk folders are there - if I click in the Junk column on an email, it moves it into junk.

Any help appreciated! Thanks

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The settings under Tools|Options|Security|Junk say "when I mark messages as junk" and then we set what to do with them.

As it stands, this wording suggests (to me at least) that messages are moved only when manually set as Junk, and perhaps not when automatically identified as such by the Junk Controls.

I have a complex mess of filtering, automated Junk Controls (naturally) and some manual moving of messages into Junk on a tablet, so I am not well placed to recognize "normal" behaviour in Thunderbird. But I suspect that it is not intended to move automatically categorized messages into Junk.

I think that's why we have "Tools|Delete Mail Marked As Junk In Folder". This means we don't need to move all Junk into its own folder; we can delete it in situ.

If you want to see all of your putative Junk in one place, try setting up a Saved Search that looks at all likely folders for messages with Junk status.

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Thanks, Zenos Not quite how I expected it to work, but I can live with it. Would have preferred it to move all junk to junk folder to review later when id got the time for it, but I can do that just as well in the deleted folder. Also tried the Run Junk Controls option, which someone metioned should move junk to junk folder, but that did nothing!