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Profile bug? "unresponsive plugin" Shockwave (/questions/970014)

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Every time I got on to watch a video I get the same "Warning: Unresponsive plugin" warning that says, "Shockwave Flash may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the plugin now, or you can continue to see if the plugin will complete." I check the "Don't ask me again box" and click the Continue button. I'm listening to an internet radio station that uses Flash and I don't have problems listening to it. Only watching videos on I don't have this problem at home utilizing the same Firefox account (sync'd), only at work.

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Recent crashes of certain multimedia contents (this includes Youtube videos, certain flash games and other applications) in conjunction with Firefox are most probably caused by a recent Flash update and/or a malfunctioning browser plugin such as Real Player.

In order to remedy the problem, please perform the steps mentioned in these Knowledge Base articles:

Other, more technical information about these issues can be found under these Links:

You can check for problems with current Flash plugin versions and try these:

  • disable a possible RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension for Firefox and update the RealPlayer if installed
  • disable protected mode in the Flash plugin (Flash 11.3+ on Windows Vista and later)
  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin

Please tell us if this helped!

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Hi there

I have found this problem to and for me I traced it back to my Internet Security Suite and I found that Trend Micro was blocking a file from there site I found it was blocking a part of the file needed to play videos. I found this out in the blocked web threats records of Trend Micro and for myself I was able to aprove that particular web address having checked it first on virus total Virustotal web report of the blocked link

It could be entirly possible that at your work enviroment they use Trend Micro protection or other product to enhance Internet Security policys needed to keep them sheilded from internet based threats

In my view it is a false positive given Virustotals review, But in a work enviroment a strong internet security policy is absolutly essential these days

Hope this helps in some small way

Kind Regards NZRADAR

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NZRADAR, My company does use TrendMicro. This must be it. Thank you so much!