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How to force focus last focused HTML input element when going back in history with backspace?

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SUMMARY: I am a Firefox user with HTML knowledge. I want to be able to configure Firefox to behave in a special manner when I hit backspace. It's something that Firefox already does, BUT NOT ALWAYS. I don't know why it behaves differently in different situations for no apparent reason. I want to be able to configure firefox to ALWAYS behave in the manner I want to. Read below for the precise description.

When I fill a FORM in a page, wether POST or GET, and press ENTER, it obviously acts as expected: submits the data and brings me to a new page. When I get to the new page, and I press BACKSPACE, Firefox behaves in sometimes like TYPE 1 and sometimes like TYPE 2 (see below), and I can't predict which one he will choose. I want to be able to configure it to behave ALWAYS like TYPE 2.

TYPE 1 - Firefox reloads the previous page, as if I just entered it for the first time.

TYPE 2 - Firefox brings me back to the exact same page view I had before pressing ENTER to submit the FORM. 2.1 - It doesn't reload the page; 2.2 - It places the page in the same scrolled position I was before (for example, if I scrolled to the bottom of the page to fill the FORM and press enter, after pressing backspace it brings me to the bottom of the page again; 2.3 - It automatically focus the HTML input element I last typed (the element that was focused at the very moment I pressed ENTER to submit the FORM).

So, I want to be able to configure Firefox for it to ALWAYS BEHAVE LIKE TYPE 2 whenever I fill a HTML FORM, press ENTER and press backspace after going to the new page. All three details I gave are important. Remember that I've already experienced TYPE 2 in previous versions of Firefox, I just wish to FORCE IT to behave like that ALWAYS (because for no apparent reason, sometimes it behaves like TYPE 1 instead).

Please let me know if that's possible, and if not, I would really THANK YOU ALL FOREVER if you add this feature to the next version.

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What is the value for "browser.formfill.enable" in the about config page?


Or you can try this add on Lazarus form recovery

Modified by guigs

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It's set to true.

I saw the add on you suggested, but it does not fulfill my needs.

I like the behavior exactly as I said because, after submitting the form, I want to be able to look something in the new page and quickly get back to the form, change the text I wrote in the input element and submit it again, in a matter of one or two seconds only...

I was able to do that whenever firefox behaved like TYPE 2 (explained above)...

Thanks for the reply but didn't solve my problem yet...

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Websites can prevent you from going "back" to where you left off in a page in a number of ways, including instructing Firefox not to cache the page and/or creating a script in the page that detects a redisplay and reloads the page. If this is the cause of your TYPE 1 experience, it is difficult to prevent.

Can you give an example of a TYPE 1 form (address to the page)?