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How can I recover a comment that was copied to clipboard, then overwritten by mistake?


I created a long comment to an attachment (a movie). I copied it (ctrl-c), but I got lost trying to get the attachment into my comment. By mistake, I forgot to save the text to Notebook, then copied the web address to paste into my comment. I've often thought that uSoft's clipboard must have some sort of buffer with earlier copies, but I can't find it. Is there ANY way I can recover my text?

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It is NOT possible to recover but if as you are mentioning that you have add-ons that save your copied items, you can check with that add-on's developers, otherwise we can not do anything about it from here on.

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I don't have add-ons that do that. I have to open notebook separately and paste into it. I will look for an add on that saves text for a while. Also, maybe Facebook or uSoft have enhancements to clipboard that save text to a LIFO buffer (Doesn't that sound simple to you? It does to me, and yet uSoft has never implemented it.).

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Sure it is simple, but the clipboard is part of the Operating System - Windows, not a function of a web browser such as Firefox.

Now there are Firefox add-ons which will save text which is typed in text areas, like this Post a Reply box.
But that doesn't help with lost clipboard text.