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how to manually determine length of time between suggested updates


I have disabled automatic updates and instead selected that I want to be informed when there are updates and given the option of determining if I want to install them or not. The problem I'm having is every couple of minutes or so I keep being informed of updates and therefore asked to install them. Needless to say, that's extremely annoying. What I want to know is how to specify the interval between notifications that there are updates available. In other words, I want to know a way to say "ask me once a day" or "ask me once a week". I don't like anything that automatically updates software on my laptop, but I really don't like being asked every 10 seconds to do that either.

How can this be done? Thanks for any assistance you can give

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First off, you should update to Firefox 18.0.2, Firefox 17 has about two dozen known security vulnerabilities, plus dozens of bugs that have been fixed in 18. Not to mention the roughly 30% speed bump in Firefox 18 as well.

Running old versions for any length of time is not recommended as it leaves you open to security holes that are announced after the new version is released. Firefox releases updates every 6 weeks, and if you have Firefox check for updates automatically, it won't even notify you there is an update and it will all happen silently.

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I appreciate your reply Tylerdowner. The information you shared could be useful in the future. However, that still didn't answer the question I asked. I wanted to know of a way to specify the interval in between being prompted for updates.

So please help me with that answer and if you can't that's fine. Maybe some other user can. Thanks