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Ok, I don't know what happened, I started my computer over and now I have a new screen, a whole bunch of things. Which is fine, everything seemed to update, but when I start my computer it starts everything new again. My speed dial tabs are gone I have to redo, my persona is gone, I have to redo, etc. I can't have this to keep doing this.

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finitarry 157 solutions 2175 answers

Does this happen with everything that is installed and capable of updating, or just Firefox? If it is not just Firefox, then you have a problem with your operating system, not Firefox. If the problem is just with Firefox, try the standard diagnostic.

Perhaps the best starting point would be to download the installer for the latest release of Firefox and install that manually.

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I restarted my computer and Firefox updated, which was fine, I redid everything, all the bars were reinstalled by firefox, the speed dial was empty and I had to redo all those. I shut the computer down and booted it up later and it did the same thing, again, and again and again. So everything I turn off the computer firefox reinstalls every time.

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Persona also was reinstalled by itself. I have had the same persona for 2 years, now firefix gave me a new one, but again, everytime I start the computer, the persona, the tool bars, everything is all updated, reinstalled.

finitarry 157 solutions 2175 answers

Firefox should not be updating everything every time you start up the computer. Something is wrong. Try the standard diagnostic steps.

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Which are what? I have reinstalled Firefox and it is still doing it.

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Which security software (firewall, anti-virus) do you have?

Some security software has virtualization or sandbox features that may cause problems by protecting and restoring files in the Firefox profile folder.