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Java on my mac is not working - I deleted java 7 as one user suggested but can't find a java 6 to install as it's not available for mac on java website. HELP!


I use several games that work with java and just recently, none of them work. When I try to search for java in the plug-in section of add-ons, it doesn't show up. When I try installing the update on the java page (numerous times), it still doesn't show up even after restarting firefox / rebooting computer. I tried uninstalling the Java 7 as recommended in one article but because I have a mac, a java 6 download isn't available from the java website. Please help me.

Additional System Details

Installed Plug-ins

  • Shockwave Flash 11.5 r502
  • Amazon MP3 Downloader Plugin 1.0.17
  • Microsoft Office for Mac SharePoint Browser Plug-in
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • Simple plug-in that handles Citrix connection files
  • LogMeIn remote control components
  • Coupons Inc., Coupon Printing FireFox Plugin
  • 5.1.10411.0


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More Information

Platform: Mac OS X 10.8.2
Browser: Firefox 18.0.1

Donnie 31 solutions 331 answers

You are thinking of Javascript which is separate from actual Java on your Mac.

JavaScript settings and preferences for interactive web pages

Question owner

I already enabled javascript and the pages still tell me I don't have the right plug-in and tell me to download Java.

Question owner

This doesn't help - I need a link for my mac!!

johnb812 0 solutions 1 answers

I have a similar problem with Java. I regularly use a site that uses a Java applet. I tested my Java and it said it's working, but when I load the site, it says it's not working. Usually, a dialog comes up that asks me to allow the applet to run, but I don't even get that. I cannot figure out how to enable it for this site.

It works fine in Chrome. I prefer Firefox, but may have to switch.

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Hi johnb812

Can you post a link to that page if doesn't require authentication (log in) to access it?

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).

  • Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.

To avoid confusion: