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Cut & paste osx mac deletes graphics

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Mac OSX 10.7.2 LION. Firefox 16.0.2

Cut & Paste Into Word Deletes Graphics When I Cut & Paste from a web page into Word, the text gets pasted OK. The graphics do not get pasted.

Mac OSX 10.7.2 LION. Firefox 16.0.2 Cut & Paste Into Word Deletes Graphics When I Cut & Paste from a web page into Word, the text gets pasted OK. The graphics do not get pasted.

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Hello vienna01, check it in Safe Mode, in Safe Mode window select "Start in Safe Mode" and see if this happen again, if not see: Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems

thank you

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Thanks for suggestion. I'll see what happens.

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I started in safe mode-did not fix I RESET FF did not fix. I understand that in RESET everything is in factory default. True? If not how do I stop/delete the things STILL added to factory default one by one or all at once?

I am now back to point where all my add ons plug ins etc are working again. I use FEBE to get back add-ons &plug-ins etc. I will go back to RESET for further troubleshooting. Starting from RESET please suggest how I might locate this no graphics cut & past to Word problem. RECALL the problem does not happen in Safari[Mac OSX 10.7.2]

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Reset isn't entirely a factory reset because it tries to import specific data from the previous profile and in some cases you might still get a problem.

If you reset Firefox then a new profile is created and some of your data (bookmarks, passwords, cookies, form data) is automatically imported and your current profile will be moved to the desktop (Old Firefox Data).

See "Creating a profile":

Note that there has been reported issues before in previous Firefox versions on Mac with pasting formatted text to applications like Word, so it is quite possible that Word isn't able to properly recognize image content that Firefox places on the clipboard.

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I am going to create another instance of Firefox without any of my profile info. If it works with cut & paste graphics I then can add back parts of my profile using FEBE. I think it's interface for doiung that is easier than the official FF method. I'll Let you know results. If it doesn't work with zero of my added profile, I guess I will try to go back several versions. It was working at around 13, maybe later. Thanks for feedback.

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Addition Testing Cut & Past Firefox V17 into MS Word OSX V 14 Past omits any graphics.

Using Profile Manager I created a blank profile for testing and started FF 17.0.1 using that profile. I verified that it was a blank[no user input]profile. It had no user bookmarks, no user add-ons, no user home page. I copied[both click copy & cmd+ "c"] a block of text & graphics from several different web pages which worked a long time ago[see note]. Only the text was pasted into WORD. The text had its original characteristics.The pages were formatted as on the web pages. Word left a space for the graphics which were not pasted. I tested again with Safari v 6.0 everything worked correctly with cut & paste.

I can't recall when this C&P problem began. It was about the time that FF defaulted to automatic updates[I think that was new behavior I noted. I don't recall changing update preference. It was before V 12 maybe. I have been using the same[not updated] version of Word and of OSX from before this problem surfaced.

If I can get older versions of Firefox[prior to 11?] I could try them. I would like to know how I can create an instance of Firefox that is totally separate from my V 17 production version. Everything I tried to do this always put FF in my Applications directory. Sometimes an OSX installer offers target choices. V 17 does not. It only has user drag the .app to the applications directory via an install graphic. If there is away to create a totally separate instantiation of FF-please tell me or point me to reference. I couldn't find out how.

MS Word 2011 for MAC version 14.0.0 OSX 7.2 [Lion] This problem has happened at least over the past 4 version and maybe at Ver 12,14. Can't remember.Sorry. Word, OSX nor hardware has changed from time C&P worked OK Only change has bee FF version.

Suggestions for further trouble shooting? Install V? as separate instance?

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See this article about how to install multiple versions on Mac OS X:

All Firefox releases (skip the beta versions):

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I will try starting with V12. I'll post results.

I would think that others would be reporting a problem like this to FF dev team?? Am I only one? If so-it is even stranger. I'll check in after try with V12

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I installed V12 with no user added profile. FF V12 yielded the same result-graphics don't copy. Perhaps it was an earlier version that worked. I'll try some before V12. I installed another "word processing" app called BEAN. Graphics post seems to work OK with BEAN. In addition to looking at earlier versions of FF, I am going to look at possibility of trying another version of Word for Mac. I don't know if there is another version that is different from version I have. OBW: The instructions for installing multiple versions of FF in the reference you suggested are out of date. I already had installed profile manager so I didn't need those instructions. THANKS for continuing to work with me on this. Do you have any way to contact the FF developers to see if this problem is unique to me or widespread?