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Why is Firefox constantly saying (not responding) in the tab while browsing?

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There are constant pauses since updating to Firefox 6. It stops loading pages and says (not responding). This can be up to 10 to 15 seconds each time.

I have disabled add-ons one at a time, and have seen some improvement but it is still happening. Is there another fix? I now only have one add-on and think this is not the solution. From a post an another website, I have heard from others about having this same issue.

Please help!

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I also have this problem and have been trying to narrow it down. It seems to happen every 9-10 minutes, and will happen whether I'm actually doing anything or not. Also, when I right-click on an image and select 'view image info' it stops responding for 10 seconds or so and then displays the info. The popup window almost always displays behind my Firefox window.

Anyone else able to shed some light on this?

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I have had this trouble for 4 months now. I have a log with tech support that is up to 30+ post back and forth. No luck yet.

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Usually when I have this problem, if I click the stop loading icon and then the reload icon, the site will load. The problem mostly seems to be with the first attempt to load the page.

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This isn't the same thing. The entire browser isn't responding. You can click all the buttons ya want but nothing will happen for about 10 secs or so.

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I have found a suggestion in response to a similar question on this site that Java is the issue. I encountered trouble when trying to upgrade to a newer update as mentioned in the reply, so instead I removed Java from my system and voila! So far everything is loading perfectly. Let's see if this lasts.

I will watch, wait, and see, and try to re-install a newer version of Java.

Here is the other comment thread:

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I'm starting to wonder if mine isn't a corrupt profile problem. I created a new profile and have added back most of my addons by redownloading them from mozilla and the problem is gone. The checking of image info problem is gone as well.

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Thanks Vyper. I am still having issues again. But still less than before. Darn! Will keep trying.

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I did get a 'not responding' once after installing the 'Date/Picker Calendar' addon but after removing it, it hasn't happened since and that is about 16 hours of steady use.

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'Not reponding' on the title bar of your Firefox window does not mean that Firefox is not reponding. It means that Firefox is getting no reponse from MS Windows for a certain request for service.

You have a Windows problem.

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If you are talking to me, I don't think so. I was having the problem every 10 minutes and now I'm not having the problem at all.

If you're talking to the original poster, ignore this post. :P

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I really wish Mozilla would come out with a fix on this... I have done all of the other suggestions but to no avail!!! Please HELP!

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Over a week later I haven't had the problem once. I highly recommend creating a new profile and seeing if that cures the problem for anyone.

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My problem is solved by downgrading to 6.0.1. I noticed Firefox 6.0.2 freezes (not responding) a lot. Then one day I used my old laptop (using 6.0.1) and it runs perfectly. Right now I am using 6.0.1 for more than two hours and not yet encounter any errors. xD

I have not yet installed all my addons and test them all out. But as of now, my addons/extensions are: IDM,Norton toolbar, and multi links. Java and all other native plug-ins are still enabled.

I really thinking and some addons/extensions are messing up firefox 6.

I would recommended you saved all favorites and addons list prior to downgrading. Before downgrading, uninstall current firefox and check box that remove everything to prevent reoccurring problem.

Hope this help you all. google firefox 6.0.1 download and you should be able to find some links. mozilla/firefox doesn't have 6.0.1 for download, so don't bother searching it on

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You can get it at ... just search for Firefox, click on whatever the latest version is, and the older versions will be linked down the right hand side.

edit: replaced unofficial third-party link. keep in mind that 4.0.* and 5.0.* are not up to date in being secure.

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I never had an issue until I upgraded. I am using Chrome now with no issues. I really liked FireFox though and may follow the advice given to download the older version. (thank you for the info!) I am irked that there has been no fix. Someone mentioned that this is a windows problem, but I do not agree. Java seems to have not been the issue, ALTHOUGH I was constantly getting Java Update info interrupting my browsing so it could have been contributing. It was prompting updates even though I was already up to date. After removing, I could not re-install Java with the firefox browser. Java is working fine with Chrome and I am not getting annoying messages telling me about auto update. There has to be a glitch somewhere in Firefox.

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I have had this issue for some time and I am switching over to IE until I get an email from firefox letting me know the issue has been corrected.

Windows 7

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I have had the same problems for a month now with every 10 minutes FF freezing, not responding for about 30 seconds. I tried reverting back to older FF versions and also just today tried FF 7 and it still does it. I tried disabling every freaking addon and extension and it did help make to shorten the freezes, but, did not fix it. I finally gave up and switched back to IE. Loved FF until now. Blame it on windows if you want, but, IE doesn't do it. I don't have anymore time to waste on this. Please let me know of any fixes for this.

IE 9 is pretty good actually. Only thing missing, is a free download status bar. There is one that costs $6. FF had free addons for that.

Don't understand why browsers have done away with this feature. Frustrating.

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Same here Axxel. I am sticking with Chrome. I tried everything and couldn't fix it. Chrome has a status bar on the bottom of the screen when you download that came with it.

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How are Chromes ad blockers? FF's were awesome.

IE 9 ad blockers are pretty good. Not as good as FF.

Also, does Chrome have Web of Trust? I like that add on

I tried Chrome a couple years ago for only a few minutes and just didn't like the layout. Might give it another try.

Thanks for the reply DDDS

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I see a lot of 'I tried everything' responses and I'm wondering if that includes creating a new profile? I haven't had a problem since doing that. Yes, it's a pain if you have a lot of addons and want to redownload them but it's like starting fresh and Firefox works beautifully for me now.

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