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How do I remove Firefox 6 and reinstall Firefox 5?

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Firefox hangs repeatedly since I upgraded to 6, and I want to go back to 5.

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Versions 4 & 5 are unsupported & not updated. The latest supported version other than 6 is version 3.6.20

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Thanks. I hadn't been able to find it, and nothing I do can fix FF6 from hanging.

Would you know if it is possible to have 5 & 6 both installed, or do I need to uninstall 6?

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Instead of downgrading we can try & fix your hanging issue if you like. You can't have 5 & 6 installed at the same time, and while you may find download for 5 it is not supported or updated making it highly unstable, thus version 3.6.20 is only version other than 6 that has support and constant updates to keep stable. If you put 5 on you would likely face more issues than you are currently.

The best way to install 3.6 is to uninstall 6 then install 3.6, however it may be also possible to install 3.6 over 6 but this would leave likely many conflicts.

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Posted by Dbellca82

"however it may be also possible to install 3.6 over 6 but this would leave likely many conflicts."

Not when using different profiles.

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I'd prefer to fix the hanging issue.

FF5 worked fine for me. None of the "hanging" solutions that I;ve seen in the forum seem to work, but I'm open to suggestions. The closest I get to a solution is to shut down, delete sessionstore.js, and then restart. FF6 also sometimes hangs on closing and have to use Task Manager to shut it completely. I was able to fix the hanging on the Add-Ons page, however.


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Plugins and other add-ons are up to date.

FF still hangs with all Plugins disabled.

Still hangs in Safe mode.

Still hangs after clearing cache and restarting, but not immediately. Sometimes it seems as if the cache is getting "filled up" or I'm hitting some other limitation. In particular, after visiting photo-intensive or video-linked sites (e.g., Daily What, Boing Boing, and several sites). Shutting down and restarting helps sometimes; shutting down, deleting sessionstore.js, and restarting seems to help other times.

Chrome and IE still working as normal. FF5 had worked fine also.

I have not cleared all cookies, but cleared a large number, especially ones related to sites that have hung.

I've run Adware, Anti-Malware, and Norton scans.

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Still have the same problems.

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-> Create a New Profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.

-> Basic Troubleshooting: Make a New Profile

-> If that New Profile works then you can recover your Bookmarks and Passwords from the Old Profile.

-> Recovering important data from an old profile

Check and tell if its working.

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OK I updated to Firefox 6, a couple things It was slow very slow Extensions did not work well with it

I went back to 5 and its lightening fast again

Windows 7 64 bit Home premium

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I'm having the same problem. I have worked through all the recommended fixes. Version 5 was working fine, Version 6 will open but all I get is a "unable to connect" message. I even completely uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled - so no add-ins or browsing history. Explorer works fine. Frustrating.

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Cannot connect after upgrading Firefox

Check and tell if its working.

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I know people are saying to work through the issues with v6.0 however everything worked great with v5 (I didn't even want to upgrade, it just did it... must have accidentally clicked something when v6 kept popping up).

I had similar issues and after over an hour of fixing (which honestly is ridiculous.. no one should have to spend that kind of time after an "upgrade") however I'm plagued with a few other issues. When I open to a new window, roboform is missing, pages aren't displayed, the back button doesn't work...

This is why I'm going back to v5. I'd go back further like someone else posted (to v3.6) but I don't know if it supports all the add-ons I use.

I really liked v5... sad how an "upgrade" can ruin your browsing experience.

Windows 7 64-bit, dual monitors

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Back Button Not Responding

Locked or Damaged places.sqlite

Pages not Displaying

Clear Cookies & Cache

Clear the Network Cache

Troubleshooting extensions and themes

Update All your Firefox Plugins


RoboForm Lite Password Manager 2.1.0

Version 7.4.1

  • Adapter for Firefox 6.0.

Check and tell if its working.

Modified by Hasan

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Firefox 6 Hangs, Firefox 5 Does Not

I'm on a Win 7 64-bit/Intel platform on which Firefox 5 worked flawlessly. Immediately after upgrading to FF6, and with no other changes to the system whatsoever, this hanging problem appeared. Disabling extensions and running in safe mode doesn't resolve it. It's infrequent enough that the browser is usable, but frequent enough that I just can't afford the interruptions or trust FF6 with important sessions.

It was bad enough that I started opening Chrome while waiting through the hangs, and dedicated that time to looking for solutions.

I am disappointed at the way this upgrade has been handled. There is a real problem that has caused me and untold others who don't post here to look for alternatives to FF6. I love Firefox and despite this problem, cannot bring myself to abandon it, so I have -- despite the ridiculous hoops set up to discourage it -- reverted to FF5.

This is the first time I have had to revert, and to put that in perspective, I have been using this browser since the mid nineties, back when it was called Netscape Navigator. So in over fifteen years of use, this is the FIRST time I have had to fall back to a previous version.

To also put this in perspective, I am a computer professional of over twenty years experience and am not exactly clueless about troubleshooting software problems. Simply put, with all other things remaining equal, FF5 works properly and FF6 does not. Understanding the significance of that isn't rocket science, just computer science. No, I am not going to modify or disable other system components to attempt to solve a Firefox problem.

Lest I seem like an ingrate, I really, truly and tremendously appreciate all the hard work and incredible talent that is dedicated to Firefox. I love the product and have the highest regard for everyone who works on it.

But this upgrade process is flawed and needs to be reconsidered. Something is wrong, regression testing has clearly been neglected and versions with these sorts of problems should not be pushed onto the user community like this. You WILL lose users who can't easily find the FF5 reversion path to other browsers.

Thanks to my fellow users who posted this reversion information. I wish it were easier to find. After reverting to FF5 and politely declining its repeated invitations to upgrade to FF6, it's working great. No problems. No hangs. Everything is smooth as silk and I'm quite happy with FF5, thank you very much.

I don't care if it's "supported", I care if it works. It does. Better that than a "supported" version which is broken. I'm signed up to receive mail when this issue, and the many others like it that have been reported by other users, is definitely fixed.

Until then, I'll stay with the excellent FF5 version, with gratitude for the incredible effort of everyone in the Firefox development community. Hiccups like this aside, you're awesome.

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Thanks, but I haven't had the time to bother with creating a new profile after all the troubleshooting I've done so far. I'm still using FF6, but using Chrome a lot more now, especially for any graphic-intensive sites. I have noticed that a couple of Blogger sites cause FF6 to start to hang almost instantly, and I use Chrome to view those. BTW, I use NoScript extension.

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