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Upon startup multiple audio sources begin playing. I can't find the tab to kill them!


Having pages begin streaming audio upon startup AND not being able to find out where audio is coming from is frustrating almost beyond words ... it is hard for me to imagine this wasn't addressed with the first "tabbed" version. Sometimes I'm almost tempted to see if another brower has this handled. PLEASE FIX IT OR LET ME KNOW OF AN ADD-ON TO ADDRESS THIS. If the latter, I suggest you co-opt that feature into the next major release. AWOL sound is maddening. 3 youtubes + 5 podcasts + lastfm should NOT be playing at the same time BY DEFAULT just because the tabs were open on last shutdown. Further, I suggest *ANY* source of audio should easily found and jumped to to kill or mute.

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If pages have embedded audio, it is not always easy to stop it. I have a bookmarklet that allows me to stop embedded audio if I click it on the page in question. If you are having Firefox open with the tabs from the last session and several of those pages have embedded sound, either turn them all off one by one or do not save a session with embedded sound in the pages. The bookmarklet is this:


Add a new bookmark, copy that code to the location, and name it "No music or iframes".