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how do you remove the oberon game bar


recently downloaded a msn demo game......i unchecked to not install gamebar.........so i uninstall game after i finish

the problem is i cannot get the gamebar/oberon page has taken over the speed dial page....have reset speed dial multiple times only to have oberon page(msn games)

i have done about config and reset any any gamebar msn and it is resetting itself ....i go back into config and it has changed itself back

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

when i downloaded a msn game

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More Information

about config.....even when i change gamebar....it changes itself back
how do i get gamebar option off ....view toolbars

Helpful Reply

found the problem............the easiest way..........is to search hard drive for the oberon folder and delete........then run ccleaner and delete the oberon registry keys

that solved the problem................