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With Firefox, I cannot simply copy & paste a hyperlink into an email, a reply to an article, or any other place in the browser. This is so frustrating and may make me switch to Chrome. Can someone please help me FIX this? Thanks!


I don't want to have to click on some icon (like the one shown above with a chain link) to do this. I hate to say it, but all this was so simple using IE7. you see a link you want to send someone, you copy and paste it, and you are done. in firefox, it is such a friggin pain. Why? I really like the browser, but I use this function so often and it is so frustrating that I am seriously considering switching to google's chrome. Please help me fix this, and fix it such that anyone switching to firefox doesn't go through the same ordeal that I have been experiencing. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from someone out there with a *FIX*!'bold text'

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

As soon as I switched to Firefox

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More Information

I am running XP on an ACER TravelMate 2480.
firefox is 3.6.13
*Never* had problems with copy & pasting hyperlinks before.
Now, there is no underline, and there is no blue, and the hot link is a dead link. Here, let me try one now:
see - it is dead!!

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Then you should contact those websites and ask them to support Firefox with that auto-hyperlink feature. IE doesn't do that by itself, but it is done via JavaScript that runs on that web page and that only supports IE with such enhanced features.

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thx for your response. are saying websites such as hotmail and yahoo mail detect that they are being accessed via firefox and turn off the JavaScript that makes hot links? really? additionally, i have friends with firefox in which hyperlinks stay active when they are copied and pasted.

was the "Make Link" add-on you posted supposed to fix the problem? i downloaded it, but i don't know where the "context menu" is that is supposed to help me. how to i view this context window now that i have downloaded the add-on?

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ok, i finally figured out what was meant by "context menu". this is the menu that pops up when i right click within the browser. however, i have gotten the "make link" to work only once (the first time) using this add-on. i guess i'll keep playing with it til i can get it to work. i can't believe something so simple as copying and pasting a link is causing me so much grief.