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Why did you add plugin-container.exe it causes crashes on the computer runs without firefox running and uses 3.5 gigs of my memory

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why did you start using plugin-container.exe. It is constantly causing crashes on my computer proven by when I install firefox 3.6.4 or .5 or .6. the program also frequently uses 3.5 gigs of memory. When I remove firefox and install an older version that doesn't use it I have lots of memory left and no crashes.

This happened

Not sure how often

== when I installed firefox 3.6.4

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Firefox and Flash worked fine WITHOUT the removed plugin-container.exe, yet you add that POS and it crashes while consuming ALL AVAILABLE RESOURCES.

Doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out WHAT HAS CHANGED.

Stop saying "Oh, it must be an addon or other plugin." The average Firefox user is smart enough to know that's total crap.

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Dude, it doesn't matter what has changed, what matters is that plugins are made for the browser and not the other way around. If Flash is, somehow, not compatible with Firefox, it's Adobe's job to make it so. And, let me make this very clear, Flash is working perfectly with Firefox for the majority of users.

Also, if you say the only thing that changed is Firefox, you probably have an outdated version of Flash (since Flash's update came out around the same time as Firefox 3.6.4). Maybe your problem lies there. Make sure your plugins are update, as I said in my post.

In any case, if my post didn't help you, what was the result of the last point in the second list?

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Problems with the plugin-container process can also be caused by security software (firewall), so make sure that the plugin-container process has full and unrestricted internet access just like the Firefox program.

See also

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Wow! Those are sure a list of instructions. Some of those tasks quite a bit of time to complete.

I really think that the issue is with the plugincontainer.exe. The plugincontaner.exe at times really hogs an extremely large amount of memory.

What is the purpose of this plugincontainer thing? I don't think it is doing what it was designed to do.

And now we are getting the finger-pointing thing. Here you say the issue is not on your side and point the finger at the other guy. The other guy says the issue is not on his sided and points the finger back at you.

I also feel that there are a great deal of people being effected by this. For every person who reports the issue there must be thousands of others who are affected but never report it.

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Hum, I think you are under a misconception... See this, please:

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Hi, haven't read all posts in here, so I'll just throw a little questions out there (but I'll keep looking). I'm temporarily stuck using a "dated" laptop, WinXP, SP1 (i guess), installed FF 3.6.8. When I hit a web page with some flash (it's out of date, I know, but I dont have admin) bits, FF just stops and the disk access led just lights up solid and the whole system feels like it locks up (due to the disk access). I kill plugin-container.exe and the same piggy pages comes up a lot quicker and the disk led settles down to an occasional blink So, the question is: can I configure FF to ignore the flash bits? Perhaps replace the real estate with a blinking "flash sucks"? :-)

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Well, since then, I've disabled flash (I hope) by Tools->Add-ons->Plugins-> Shockwave Flash Disable; Killed FF (wait for it to finish banging my disk), start a new FF, (Flash still disabled), interestingly no plugin-container.exe process is running (perhaps after a reboot), pointed it to a pig web site (like and it loads much faster, disk is pretty quiet, any flash bits show "plugin for this content has been disabled" - SWEET! So, I guess I've fixed my own problem, what good are you guys anyway?? :-)

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This plugin-container.exe takes so much memory (around 2GB).... If I disable it, then I won't be able to open any Flash files in Firefox....

I try some ways, like after I disable plugin-container.exe in about:config in dom.ipc and I change the value from true to false.... The effect is I can not open any Flash files.

So I just reInstall Adobe Flash for Non-IE. The result is I can open the Flash files. But the other problems appear. My Firefox become greedy at using memory. Almost a same total memory usage when the plugin-container.exe being enabled.... The difference is currently my Firefox takes 2GB ram... nothing difference when I disable the plugin-container.exe

How to solve this problem  ????

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I don't wanna here no S@*@T about flash. I had that before with your browser and everything worked fine. Now it doesn't. You people crack me up when you try to make changes just because you're bored. Whatever made you do it, whatever you were smokin, you need to STEP AWAY FROM IT!!! We demand that you offer us a reasonable solution for all of these crashes! I'm double-clicking everywhere just to get where I want to go. DON'T BLAME THIS ON NO ADOBE! Damn...

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AMEN! I'm sick of this. The plugin-container causes major crashes, not just of Firefox, but brings down my whole system. More than once I've had to literally hold down the power key and shut down completely. It's 2010 people, this type of crash is not acceptable. I'm am sick of it and have gone back and forth from dropping Firefox completely. It's just not worth it. Mozilla and Adobe are both to blame. No wonder Steve Jobs has dissed Flash. Adobe is purely invasive, is constantly sending out updates and Firefox needs to fix this plugin problem or their going to lose customers.

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Mine happens at least once a day and more. Downloaded cleaners that help. Constantly getting interference from Internet Explorer which I don't use at all. My Sun Java quit working, too, so I cannot even use Pogo anymore. I have downloaded updates eight times with no results. Got Opera browser to see if that would help, but not really. I don't understand why the cleaner keeps picking up so much memory from IE!! I feel invaded. That is why is keep cleaning my system with four different programs and rebooting. Takes a long time to get my Magic Jack reloaded, but I have to live on a tight budget.

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I also have a low opinion of Adobe. I cannot stand IE because they slow my system down so extremely horrible it is unbearable. We are talking 2-3 minutes for a screen change. I can brew tea in the time it takes for IE to function. Opera won't accept that active X, and it all makes me nervous why they don't.

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@Doug - you sound like a pompous ***! - so ****** sure that you are doing everything right. and everyone here is a inexperience newbie...

an extension, plugin, addon of any kind that cause an application to have significant performance slowdown (without informing the user of reaching a maximum threshold), or causing a system or app to freeze or worse crash is a tool poorly developed or designed.

the web is about usability by the masses. not just for the elitist . we should always develop for the lowest common denominator.

so to stand there on your soup box and say is the users fault is a coup out. and to say dont overload FF with plugins or add-ons is another coup out. maybe mozilla should start releasing FF with an asterik - (this version can handle 10 plugins and two addons). or maybe versions for novice and moderate users and uber-head-up-their-***-users such as yourself. - you know what version am talking about!!! I bet you own a mac and an i-pad!

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Browser runs like * now. Lags freezes and Plugin container crashes.... I am about ready to go back to IE if this * keeps up...Really starting to hate FF now!!!!!!!

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same old * these developers are * poor developers and cowards as well

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