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Firefox will not "save chart as image (.png) -- it asks me what to open the file with. I have no clue.

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Just got a new computer with windows-10. Nothing but problems. I had no issues with foxfire when using windows-7. But now with windows-10 .. I can not download/save charts from the web. It must be something within my/the firefox settings. ps ..... I have no problem doing this using opera. In Opera when I click "save chart as image(.png), it magically appears in my downloads as a photo.

       Step by step --> 1) Website has an option "save chart as image(.png)    2) When I do that, a windows box appears because it sees it as a text (box tells me that).  I am assuming it wants to take a picture of the graph.   3) In the box I am asked what do I want to open the file with (and it states that notepad is the default)   4) I can change the default of notepad, and I can access my C drive .. but i have no clue what to choose to open the file with and have a picture taken, then downloaded it.

ps ..... in Opera, I do not have to click here & there to get it done -- I simply click "save chart"

windows-10 firefox 60.0 no installed plugins

I would greatly appreciate help with a fix for this so I can continue using firefox. tyvm

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It's possible that the default option for handling PNG image files has been changed. You can try the following:

  1. Type about:preferences in your location bar on Firefox to open the Firefox settings.
  2. Find the Applications section.
  3. Enter png in the search bar on that page
  4. Change the option to Save File

By default, Firefox asks you want you want to do with a file. It will usually give you the option to save the file to your computer or just open the file without saving it to a permanent location. It sounds like you want save file as the default action instead.

If the issue is that you are being asked when program to open the file with after it has already been saaved to your system, you'll probably want to take a look at How to Change File Associations in Windows by Lifewire.

Hope this helps.

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I wanted to add two other suggestions:

(1) Make sure Windows shows you all file extensions

(2) Set Firefox to ask you where you want to save downloads, which also lets you edit the file name if needed to have a proper .png extension

You can set that here:

  • Windows: "3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Options
  • Mac: "3-bar" menu button (or Firefox menu) > Preferences
  • Linux: "3-bar" menu button (or Edit menu) > Preferences
  • Any system: type or paste about:preferences into the address bar and press Enter/Return to load it

Scroll down to the Downloads section and change to "Always ask you where to save files".

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ty Wes & jescher. Apparently firefox can not take a photo of graphs and then save & download it. Wes, when I went to the application section and typed in png, there was nothing there and therefore no option. But in that application section, when I expanded the TEXT file, I found out that there are many ways of opening a text file (notepad being the default). Remeber, I said that firefox stated that my graphs were text files. Lo & behold -- listed there was also Opera. Apparently I have to open it with Opera (because it works correctly there). You see - I never get the "OPEN SAVE CANCEL" option. The only option I get is "how do you want me to open this file". I did not know. Now I do. So, I have to choose "other" (not default notepad), and then choose Opera. Would be easier to just use Opera.

Again tyvm Wes & Jescher

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What website has this problem? Maybe they can change how they serve the chart image to Firefox; it shouldn't be sent to you as a text file.

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Are you able to provide a link to a sample of what file you are trying to download?

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Hi Wes & JS. I will give you the website in a moment. Just to let you know that when I did the same thing in Edge, and then downloaded it .. it worked just fine (gave me the choice of open save cancel). Opera doesn't even ask--it just does it. I know when I go through Foxfire and open it with Opera, there is a choice of checking a box for -- open files like this in this manner. I am cautious about checking that box because the graph/chart is viewed as a text, and I don't want to screw up something in regards to how text's are seen. I still like firefox. It is my main browser. I am simply aware now of how to do this one function, or if I don't feel like it .. to use opera for that particular time.

ps.. I agree, the website should not send it as a text. Strangest thing. I know I saw somewhere when I was looking at properties I saw png.-text$SPX/interactive-chart

This will take you right to the graph. Simply put your cursor anywhere on the graph and right click--then choose "save image as png.

But don't worry about it guys. You have directed me on how I can download it from foxfire, so I am happy. Only continue on for your own curiosity.

again ... tyvm

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Thanks, I see, Firefox doesn't override the content-type text/plain even though the site sends the .png file extension. (See attachment.) It is stubborn that way.

The easiest way for me is to save the file (I have Text document set to "Always Ask"), then open it from the Downloads arrow on the toolbar.

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ty JS

I thought you would try. Both you & Wes are tech savy and I knew that your curiosity would get the best of you.


It is not difficult to do, now that I know WHAT to do. And that is because of you & Wes

ty both