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Unknown Mozilla dev addon "Looking Glass 1.0.3" on browser... or is it just malware?

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     "name": "Looking Glass",
     "version": "1.0.3",
     "isActive": false,
     "id": ""


Addon info reads: Looking Glass version 1.0.3 MY REALITY IS JUST FIFFERENT FROM YOURS Created By: PUG Experience Group(Gregg Lind, Bianca Danforth, Kamyar Ardekani, Matt Grimes Diana Livits, Jeffrey Kaufman and others) <glind at>

I did not remember installing this addon, I would not knowingly install it. Firefox, Antivirus and OS are all up-to-date. Any explanations welcomme because I can't find any reference online.

Screenshot isn't being uploaded, external link:

Modified by James

Chosen solution

It is part of Firefox :

Copy/Past about:studies into the Address Bar and Enter.

Copy/Paste about:preferences#privacy into Address Bar then Enter Untick the box that says : Allow Firefox to install and run Studies.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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I need to comment here to make it clear to Mozilla that this is not okay

I have used Firefox exclusively since 2004 and have switched countless other people to using it over that time, have always championed your commitment to privacy and "People over Profit". Despite being low-income and going back and forth between actually impoverished between those times, Mozilla has been one of the only companies I have volunteered my time and money to.

Seeing this happen is SOUL CRUSHING.

This is a clear example of Mozilla saying they support one thing and doing the opposite.

Make it right Mozilla. And don't ever let something like this come up again.

You are better than this and users like me will hold you accountable.

I don't know how long it will take you to restore my trust, but you'd better do something to get out on top of this.

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Dana MW said

Good job dragging firefox's bar lower once again. User permission on each install, priority ONE. Not the best thinking to make the choice to do this. Let you foot heal before you shoot it again if you don't mind. I don't want your extensions, unless I want it.

The thing is, for genuine and appropriate use of the "studies" capability, I'm perfectly OK with not being consulted per use. If you need to insert some code for a study to find out more information about network latency or rendering performance or to collect bugs on some feature, by all means do it. Do it without my explicit, individual permission. I want Firefox to be a better, faster, safer, more secure browser and I realize that this kind of live instant feedback capability is invaluable to developers.

But using the "studies" facility *for television advertising*, and in a way that breaks the browser's ability to correctly render web pages, is frankly unbelievable. I cannot imagine that anyone in authority signed off on this.

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I was not aware it was enabled by default nor was I aware it was installing an extension. But then I despise the fact they keep reinstalling that pocket (to me) crap. The good ole boys club is not going to work out very well for for Netscape, I mean Mozilla. Their reputation is so tarnished that even if their "thinking" wasn't vastly inbred they are still unlikely to ever be able to climb out of the hole they are "thinking" their way down into.

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