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cannot move refresh bbutton

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Installed firefox 29.. afraid not for long. The big problem, since firefox 16 or around that number, fireofox screwed the layout terrible. So , you need to use way to much add-ons to get a firefox 2 theme back. lucky that still works.

Only with firefox 29 i cannot move the refresh button back to the left side, and its very important to have it left. Right is a very unloch not userfriendly place to put it. Thats why IE is so terrible and other browser. like crome. why FF neet do look the same is still a mystery.

But now tell me how i can move the button back to the left side of the url bar. And no the "Classic Theme Restorer extension" add-on dont work togheter with the number one add-on you need to install "firefox 2, the theme. reloaded" not useable without taht add-on FF is . still the biggest mistake FF made by dumping that good interface.

Ok, now qucik back to 28 until the have fixt this big BUG.

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You can look at the Classic Theme Restorer extension to restore some functionality that was lost with the arrival of the Australis style in Firefox 29.

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Like i wrote in the first post "Classic Theme Restorer extension" is not a option. its not workjing correct and conflicting with the important "firefox 2, the theme, reloaded."

SO no, its still broken and we advise people to stay at FF28 or move to otehr viewer until FF fixt this problem. Not see why it where so hard to make the 2 buttons moveable. All the otehr buttons you can move.

Firefox just made the big mistake by place the buttons on unlogic place and not moveable. other worsds, another part thats not userfiriendly in firefox. firefox have the luck that there arew sofar i have seen and tried not really good replacements fir FF. mostly because bad gui. seamonkey is good but have some problems to.