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Trouble in downloading files: FireFox vs Mozilla Archive Format

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The addon: "Mozilla Archive Format" is a great addon, and provides excellent functionality; despite this however, there is a conflict between this addon and Firefox, when the browsing and download history is removed using the "Clear Recent History" feature from FireFox's "Tools" menu.

When the user makes the mistake of cleaning the histories using the aforementioned option / tool, the user will be unable to save anything with FireFox, until and unless the user disables the MAF addon.

I have tried resetting the download folder. I have used the option in the about:config, and in the about:support. There are only two ways to use FireFox to save files, if you used the CRH tool: 1. Run FireFox in 'Safe Mode' 2. Disable the MAF addon

The problem with having to keep the "MAF" addon disabled, is that you cannot utilize the feature which enables web pages to be saved in the *.maff format; this is the primary reason that I installed it in the first place.

If anyone knows of a way to fix this problem, then please enlighten me. Thank you for your time.

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You would need to contact the developer of that addon to issue a update.

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Good advice, kind sir / miss / madam; however, the individuals who created the app have also apparently covered their tracks. I cannot find any information regarding them which would enable me to contact them about this issue.

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Does this also happen if you remove the files manually in the Download Manager (Show All Downloads)?

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I do not believe so; so far it has only happened to me when I used the "Clear Recent History" tool. I have removed blocks of history from the download manager before, with no ill side effects.