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Where is the download status? (NOT the download manager window)

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The download status is missing. Opening the download manager is not an alternative. I don't want an extra window to open for this. And I don't want to install an add-on.

A status indicator was built in as up to v3.6, but then disappeared with the disappearance status bar. It's ok to remove the status bar, because I don't need a status bar. But I want a download status indicator. Why don't you provide a draggable button/field that can be placed on top for example?

And this is not a solution: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/what-happened-status-bar?s=download+status&as=s#w_where-is-the-downloads-status

This is just a lazy way to chicken out. Provide a friggin download status indicator! It can't be that hard. It was already there, but you lazy developers thougth users won't miss it when it's gone? Wrong assumption, dorks!

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I commiserate with you, but unfortunately, installing the Status-4-Evar bar at the foot of the browser is the only way to view the download status, other than clicking the "Downloads" button, that is...

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Status-4-Evar provides download status indicators that can be placed on any toolbar, you don't need to use the Add-on Bar (replacement for the Statusbar).


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That's exactly the same one I was talking about edmeister. Why the duplication? The OP even has it in his screenshot!!

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The "owner" was asking about a drag-able button to be placed at the top of the browser; did you address that feature in S-4-E?

My point is that when using the Status-4-Evar extension the user isn't restricted to having those download indicators on the Add-on bar, they can be placed on any Toolbar - not just "at the foot of the browser is the only way" as mentioned.

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@ edmeister, I think you're the one who's missing the point. What the OP wants is an indicator, not a button he can click. If all he wanted was a button he could click, he's already got one namely the Downloads button.

By placing the Status-4-Evar bar at the foot of the browser, he'll get his 'indicator' i.e. something he doesn't have to click on to view a file's download process.

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@Xircal: Is this not what was asked for?
"Why don't you provide a draggable button/field that can be placed on top for example? "

The indicators / buttons / fields / icons / whatever that are provided by S-4-E can be moved to any toolbar, not just the Add-on bar. That is the pint I was trying to make.

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Yes, I understand that, but the button as opposed to the toolbar, is just an options link. It doesn't actually do anything except take up space. You can see that by dragging it into the Customize panel (see screenshot).

But I take your point, you can indeed drag buttons around if you want to.

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Hello folks.

I know about the 'status-4-ever' add-on. But this is not what I want. I'm glad there is no status bar anymore, so I got more screen space. I simply want the download status indicator back -- only that it should be a draggable field now. Most add-ons have already adapted to the new so-called add-on bar. Now their icons can be placed anywhere, not only on the add-on bar. Why did the developers not transcript FF3.6's download status indicator to such a draggable field? Why did they remove it alltogether? Same goes for SSL status indicator. Why did they remove everything that was in the status bar? Why not make it draggable instead of removing it alltogether? Many people still want those functions, while at the same time they don't want a status bar anymore. It would have been easy to preserve those functions by simply making them draggable fields/icons.

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There are 4 items added to the Customize palette. See the first image on the add-on page below. The Options button is for quick access to the options for S-4-E. The other 3 are the actual working parts and you can drag them to any toolbar or to the Add-on bar. S-4-E add-on page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/status-4-evar/


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  • the-edmeister is giving you a workable suggestion.
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The Download Status indicator and the Progress Meter are the two items related to file downloads that "we" are discussing. Yes, in current versions of S-4-E they are automatically placed (unlike the screenshot of the Palette on the S-4-E dowmload page) on the Add-on bar by default, but as you can see in the 1st screenshot, they can be moved into the Palette if the user so desires. Or as in the 2nd screenshot, they can be moved to another Toolbar at the top of the browser window - I moved them to the Menu bar.

You may not want the S-4-E extension, but that is the only extension that I know of that restores those two download indicator / meter / whatever you call them, back into Firefox 4.0.

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@Helper7677 Well, I'm on the Mozilla site. So I thought this is the right place to address issues. If developers don't listen to the users, it's no wonder that they messed up so many things in FF4.

@the-edmeister Thank you for that elaborate answer. Even though I don't like to install an add-on for each little thingy that should be built-in by default, I also see no other solution now. And so I have to install status-4-evar and fiddle around with it.

Or I'll switch to Chrome, we'll see. Because FF4 has become very much like Chrome, instead of sticking to what users loved about FF. Except for the fact that Chrome is basically Google spyware, I almost don't see any specific reason anymore to keep using FF.

Anyway, thanks for all your help. I hope developers will drop by at times and pick up some ideas.

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Unfortunately, the 'status-4-evar' add-on has a side effect: If you are not using the 'status bar' (add-on bar), then link URLs will not be displayed on hover anymore.

EDIT: It can be adjusted in the add-on's options. Now everything works fine (see screenshot).

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"@Helper7677 Well, I'm on the Mozilla site. So I thought this is the right place to address issues. If developers don't listen to the users, it's no wonder that they messed up so many things in FF4."

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