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Is there an add-on to capture mp3 files while it is playing on a web site?

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There are certain web sites which allow you to play songs but do not have a download option. Is it possible to capture the mp3 file while the song is being played out?

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Firefox doesn't support mp3, so you're listening to an mp3 only through a plugin. UnPlug, in my experience, usually does the job. But you're free to search for another add-on at the gallery.

If the sound file is vorbis, and is played using open web technologies, then you should simply right-click the player and select the appropriate option ("save file" or something). If it's on the background, I don't know how to easily download it to your computer, but if you look at the page's source code (View > Page source), you should be able to find the direct path to the file. It's just a matter of saving it as you would a normal file.