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Flash Player Plugin

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I am using Firefox 3.6.3 and had the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed working fine then for some reason when I went to watch a video I was prompted for the missing plug in so I click ok then accept the agreement with it appearing to install ok be then when the video went to play I was prompted for the missing plug in. After this happened several time with me close the browser several of those times I went and checked the plug in list and did not see Flash Player listed so I went to the Firefox website plug in section where I downloaded the plug in. Because the plug in had to be installed outside the browser using a windows installer I closed Firefox and went to add and remove programs and removed the Flash Player I had on my computer. Next I reinstalled Flash Player, then I click on the Internet Setting icon in the control panel where I confirmed the Flash Player was listed among Internet Explorer’s plug-ins, next I opened Internet Explorer and successfully played Flash video, next I open Firefox and when I went to play a Flash video I continued to get the loop install plug in treatment even when closing Firefox between attempts so I checked Firefox’s plug-in list in where I found an entry called getPlusPlus for Adobe 16263 but there is no entry referring to Adobe Flash Player, Macro Media or Shockwave Flash Player. When trying to resolve this I tried to playing video on several websites and I check the security setting to made sure they were set in manner that would block the installation of the plug-in but cannot seem to get the plug in installed. Any assistant would be appreciated.

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Every time Firefox opened


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I can't install Adob flash player on firefox

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A good source for solutions to Firefox and other applications is www.howtogeek.com they have a complete Firefox section. If you go to http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/internet/firefox/install-flash-plugin-manually-in-firefox-on-vista/ and right click on http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/xpi/current/flashplayer-win.xpi then do a save link as to you computer. Then change the flashplayer-win.xpi to flashplayer-win.zip. Open the zip and copy flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll to the plugin folder in the Firefox folder under Program Files that will resolve your problem for any version of Windows. I was fortunate to be able to find a version of the plugin that was zipped in a xpi file the one from Adobe is an exe file that Firefox seems to have a problem with because the exe does not completely install the plugin in Firefox. Firefox finalizes the installation when a video is played for the first time after the plugin has been installed on the operating system but in my case Firefox was not able to get on the same page as the operating system so I had to manually install the plugin so Firefox could see it. In my opinion the authors of Firefox in their decision to design Firefox the way they have regarding plugins they should have their own versions of plugins that have extensions Firefox can easy work with exclusively in its own environment that does not rely on any external processes but if they don't want to support plugins on an ongoing basis they should at least develop away for the plugin to be installed within the Firefox browser.

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Had it before Firefox crashed.

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Thank you Mark!! I have been battling for a week trying to figure out why I couldn't play Collapse on Facebook (and going through wihdrawals

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Like alot of other people, I play the games on Facebook. I continuously get a "flash player has crashed" message and a big gray screen. It's getting very frustrating for me and I would like to know what I can do to stop it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of the Adobe products twice. I don't know what else to do> Thanks for any help you can give me!

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Wanda Jenkins Please post a new question by clicking on "Ask a New Question" or by clicking this link: https://support.mozilla.com/tiki-ask_a_question.php?locale=en-US&forumId=1

By posting your own question, we can see info about your OS and your Firefox version and set-up. Choose "I have another kind of problem". Please describe your problem in detail in the "Description" section along with when/how often it happens and, if only certain web sites, please give one or two example addresses. To include a list of your extensions and some other important information, type about:support in the URL/location bar in a blank tab, click the "Copy to Clipboard" and paste in the "Troubleshooting Information" area when answering the questions asked. Please to not enter anything in the "Firefox version", "Operating system", or "Installed plugins" areas. Enter your e-mail address for an automated e-mail when someone responds (your e-mail address remains confidential, even we can not see it) or bookmark your question so that you can find it later.

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Hey Mark - I do not have Vista. What do I need to do for XP? I'd appreciate any help you could give me!

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I had this problem also. Resolved it by disabling "Getplus" plugin, Click on "tools",find the plugin, click disable. Then I was able to update all my adobe plugins.

Now I just need to go to the Adobe program files and delete it there. I use Window Washer's shred with bleach feature to guarantee things are no longer there. Using windows delete does not erase them, it just marks them for overwrite, so if they are not "wiped" they may still be active. Just saying for those who don't know this.

Best of luck all! :)