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is there any way to view all synced tabs online in the sync account? (not in the browser settings)

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i have 2 mobile devices and one laptop. the firefox browsers on all 3 devices are synced. on of the mobile devices updated and lost all open tabs, and changed it's name in the firefox sync settings.

the tabs under the old devices name kept showing in the synced tabs. today the old device didn't show up anymore in the synced tabs, but it is still in the sync settings.

How can i retrieve the tabs for this device? Is there any way to view the synced data online through the firefox account?

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Synced tabs expire in a week, so that might have caused the disappearance. If they are gone on the Sync server then you would have to check them on the device.

You can install the About Sync extension in Firefox 72 and newer on desktop to check what data is stored on the Sync server via the about:sync page provided by this extension.

You may have to close and restart Firefox to access the about:sync page added by this extension (see the about:about page for available about pages).