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Why did my search engine change without my input?

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I have had Duck Duck Go selected for my search engine. Every now and then (like just a few minutes ago), I open a browser and the Search Engine was Ebay. Why would this happen. I have never selected Ebay for a search engine *ever*. (I didn't even know Ebay was a search engine. And btw, I had not accessed my Ebay account today. No rhyme or reason for this to happen).

Since I downloaded FireFox quite a while ago, I have only selected Duck Duck Go for my search engine. So what would make this change without my input? It is very troubling. At other times this happened and Google was the search engine --- which I *NEVER* *EVER* selected. Why did it suddenly appear?

I selected Duck Duck Go and that is the ONLY search engine I want to use. What is going on with Firefox that changes my search engine without my input? I have since gone back into options and had to uncheck ebay and recheck Duck Duck Go (my selection).

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I've had some issues with Firefox adding search engines as well after the updates. I believe it's related to the Automatically update search engines setting. If you uncheck that, it should prevent this type of thing from happening in the future.

Hope this helps.