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How can i disable putting master password everytime i open firefox

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I only enabled master password so that anyone can't look up the passwords stored in "Saved Logins". But I was under the impression that if someone attempts to reveal my passwords, master password will be required. But putting master password every time i open firefox is too much inconvenient for me.

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Hi mugdho,

A possible cause of the Master Password prompt at startup can be the hotfix extension to add the new intermediate certificate to the Firefox Certificate Manager. If you have this extension listed on the about:studies page then try to remove it when possible.

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Hi again mugdho,

Some other possibilities, which I was just reminded of, are:

The master password prompt appears when you start Firefox if you are using Sync.

There was an issue not long ago where an adblocker was causing the same consequence (I believe that it was in Windows, though).

Also, be sure to look in your Extensions for the hotfix extension.

I hope this helps.

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Yes, security is a pain in the butt!!

This article has the steps to remove the master password: Use a Primary Password to protect stored logins and passwords -- scroll down for the "Removing the master password" section.

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Are you possibly using Sync to sync the passwords ? Sync stores its credentials in the Password Manager.