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firefox quantum (v57.0.1 32bit) does not display checkboxes, no msthemecompatible tag

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debian linux 9 32bit, firefox 57.0.1 32bit, default theme.

checkboxes and radio buttons do not display for any website. i have verified that there is no "MSThemeCompatible" meta tag in the <head>.

anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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Don't know, but just a little comment in case it helps narrow things down for the staff: I'm running Zorin Ubuntu Linux 64bit and this is one of the few problems I am not having with Firefox 57.0.1. So perhaps this is a Debian-specific issue or a 32bit-specific issue.

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Such issues can happen if you use a GTK 2 window theme.

Try a different GTK 3 compatible window theme in your Linux distribution to see if you find one that works.