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Cannot upload some files to Dropbox through browser UI

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I love and defend Firefox but I have to admit that it is giving me some grief lately. I run a Dropbox account which I access through the browser and its UI allows for drag and drop file uploads as well as more 'conventional' file uploading. In recent days I find certain file uploads are OK via Firefox (such as a 1mb PDF) but I cannot upload for instance a 30mb MP3 or a ZIP file - it tries but ultimately fails. A small 500kb MP3 is fine so it seems to be a file size rather than file type issue (there is a Dropbox limitation on file size but I am way below that). Also when using Firefox with the same Dropbox UI, I get odd errors like 'folder does not exist' even when I am not trying to access a folder or 'there was a problem completing the request' when trying to access a folder, even when it then allows access. I have raised all this with Dropbox forum and I am advised it is a browser problem (they would say that right?). However, I have control-tested using Safari and IE, etc, and I cannot replicate any of the problems. Uploads of large files (the exact same files) are fine in those browsers, no odd errors while testing. I was using Fx V 22x on Win7 x64 Pro but today got a push notification to update to Fx v23.0.1 which I have done, but still these problems persist. My plugins were few, long installed, and sound (Tabmix Plus, Firebug, FireFTP, etc) and not conflicted or out of date. Java was not enabled in the browser. However, to further control test, I have just done a Firefox RESET from the help menu and tried again without any plugins running. Same problem with larger file upload. It seems Firefox is having some issues doing things that other browsers are fine about...

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I have suffered from this during the past three days.

Firefox 23.0, Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical - 1.0

on a 32-bit Ubuntu PC. So the system couldn't be more different.

I was trying to upload .MP3 files of 27MB. From about a dozen attempts with one file, no success whatever. On the other hand a different file worked first time. But a later attempt with a 14 MB .wav failed, so it's not related to the file.

On the other hand an upload with Chrome worked perfectly. So it does look like a browser problem.

Watching the system monitor during upload, it runs freely for about 9MB, then stops abruptly. At the same time, the message at the bottom left of the browser window, relating to dl-web.dropbox, disappears.

The text of the message differed between Firefox & Chrome, but I imagine that's just a textual, rather than a functional, difference.

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Yeah, it's really frustrating - it wastes time and I was trying to blame Dropbox when it appears to be a Firefox issue! I've had problems with large file uploads in the past on occasion using Fx but there have been a flurry of problems like this recently. I hope someone gets on to figuring out what's going wrong because it means I am having to start using a different browser, which is obviously not good for Firefox.