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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

very annoying, go left go right buttons hiding close tab button when 4+ tabs open....

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recently, a go left and go right button have appeared next to minimize,restore/maximise,close buttons. when i open up four or more tabs, the close tab button gets hidden behind the go left button as tabs open out to the minimize button. this is really really annoying as it makes it extremely difficult to click the close tab button!!!!! :( :(

is there any way to get rid of these buttons. i'm now so annoyed with this little thing that i am considering changing my browser software...

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Could you post a screen shot showing where these arrows are? You can attach the image to a reply post (there's an Attach form just below the box where you enter your reply).

In case it's helpful: How do I create a screenshot of my problem?

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pic of problem

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You seem to have the Firefox window maximized.

A possibility is to set the Boolean pref browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar to false on the about:config page.

See also:

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Do you have a custom theme installed? I get a left caret (<) at the left side of the tabs and right caret (>) at the right side; they are not displayed together like yours.

Most aspects of the Firefox UI can be "hacked" with style rules, so most likely the space allocated to tabs can be narrowed a bit to fit within the space allowed if you want to try that. I wonder whether you have any custom rules already because your tabs don't shrink very much as you add tabs (I have to add about 12 tabs before getting arrows).

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how do i check themes?

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They are listed here:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Add-ons > Appearance

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okay so strata theme loaded which is the basic 13.0.1 theme....

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tried loading a different theme but no joy

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playing about in the about config as described has moved my tabs down a line from the title bar which results in less window area for main window.... a solution but not the one i wanted... is there a way to restrict the tabs from encroaching into the go left button?

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I tried different Windows 7 themes, but I just can't get those extra buttons with the Firefox Strata theme, which leads me to suspect... an extension.

What do the buttons do -- do they navigate between tabs? If so, can you find of any extensions that might be tab-related which might be inserting them up on the title bar? In particular, I would check for anything here:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Add-ons > Extensions

One strategy is to just disable everything nonessential and restart Firefox and see whether they go away.

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okay, disabled disabled downloadhelper app and divx player and hey presto, problem solved.... re enabled them and the problem seems resolved....

cheers for the help guys!

happy again :)

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back again  :(

okay. thought the last helped but didn't. tried removing all extensions. no joy. removed firefox and reinstalled from mozilla website but those pesky buttons are back... any more ideas?

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What kind of action do the extra buttons perform?
Do they have a tooltip?

They may be added by other (security) software on your computer.

Okulungisiwe ngu cor-el

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re left and right carets mentioned above... i also get these carets to the left and right of tabs when 10+ tabs open....

on mouseover: the buttons say go left, go right

when i click the buttons they send reduce the browser window to half screen size and send it to either left or right side of the screen, as if (in windows7) you were to drag the header bar to the left side of the screen and windows was to autosize it to 50% screen left or right assigned.....

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bump...... anybody anybody?

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Would you try the Stylish extension? You can install it from here:

Copy the following to the clipboard:

@namespace url(; #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #tabbrowser-tabs {margin-right: 50px !important;}

With the Stylish icon on your Add-ons bar or somewhere else convenient, and Firefox maximized, and sufficient tabs to create the problem, click the Stylish icon and choose

Write new style > Blank style

Click next to the line number 1 and paste the rule. Then click the Preview button to see whether it creates enough clearance. If not, you can adjust the 50 pixel measurement to the desired width. Use Preview to see your changes.

Once you have a working rule, give it a name like, maybe, Tabs in Title Bar Right Margin and choose Save.

To edit or disable the rule, click the Stylish menu and choose Manage Styles. (To use a pop-up list rather than the Add-ons page, you can set the preference extensions.stylish.manageView=1 in about:config.)

I tested this without the benefit of having those two buttons. Does it work?

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cheers man. that solved it.... i'm still curious as to where those two rogue buttons are coming from.... i think they arrived after a recent firefox update.....

anyway.... is it possible to write that code into other themes?

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Stylish rules should apply to (or override) any theme.

I'd be interested in knowing where those buttons come from; being able to tile two windows side by side could be handy now and then.

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figured it out eventually. i'd installed a copy of a program called splitview. this added the go left and right buttons to all program windows that could be maximised to allow tiling on one or the other half of a widescreen monitor.... and here was me thinking it was a firefox problem :doh: just didn't notice it in other windows as you don't really use tabs anywhere else...

cheers for the help though....