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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

Create new profile or refresh?

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This happens far too often, in the course of 9 months or more frequently. What is going on Firefox? v88.0.1 Windows 10

Constant script errors that freeze whatever program I am in, regardless of the option I choose - the popup no longer gives me a WAIT or STOP IT. The box comes up that says DON'T ask me about this again.

I do not want to copy passwords, more than anything, should I create a new profile. I do not want to deal with replacing or losing the file. When I attempted to load two other profiles over the last two days, both times FF crashed. I gave up.

I am NOW in Safe Mode and without errors, and it's hard to know which app is causing the problem.

Is there a new addon that will back up Firefox these days?

Suggestions? Seriously, FF seems to be a whole lot more trouble these days than she is worth.

Thank you.

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Note that with the dom.max_script_run_time pref set to 0 you disable this feature altogether and Firefox won't respond anymore (i.e hangs indefinitely and needs to be killed) in case of a problem with a script. It is better to increase the value to 60 (seconds) to at least be able to stop a script without having to kill Firefox and possibly lose unfinished work in other tabs.

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My plesure.

Glad your system is functional again.

btw, if you are confident that the current FireFox profile is a-ok for you, then i suggest to make a copy of this profile so it can serve as a backup when the current profile becomes uncooperative for you.

in other words, if the current profile becomes corrupted in the future, you can use the back up profile to replace the corrupted one.

at your convenience, please let me know if/when you would like to invoke the above concept.  :-)

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Please read what cor-el wrote and I would appreciate your response.

FF has crashed two more times (a separate post from today). Twice in the past few minutes. WTF?

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Hi Ciaobella,

Yes, I read it. Thank you!

Increasing the time for a script should not be necessary. But there is no problem with increasing the number to a higher value. I mean, it wont make things worst and could prove beneficial. However, I think that FireFox is not the problem but the symptom.

As such, the script errors could simply be the result of something blocking them from running on your system or its poorly written by the site.

In my opinion, something on your system is trying to protect you by hindering the scripts. Sometimes anti-virus and anti-malware apps added to windows conflict with FireFox. Sometimes they need to be updated or simply reinstalled in order to adopt the new version of FireFox.

Please feel free to modify the setting to a higher level. It wont hurt. In the meantime, i will review all the posts on this thread and see what has been done, accomplished and left to do.  :-)

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to further assist you. It is indeed a head scratcher !

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I couldn't open my emails (to read, not the program), so I changed about:config to 60.

I cannot open email with this new setting. I think I have been trying for over 30 minutes. Tried turning on Safe Mode, but it was taking forever to load. Back in regular mode.

With all of the crap Microsoft loads on outlook, until the Skype icon shows, I cannot scroll down my inbox to see new mail. (I have many items pinned.) It wasn't loading it earlier, which is why I tried going into Safe Mode.

Frustrated that I am wasting SO MUCH TIME.

What should I do now?

Thank you.

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Hi Ciao, When you say "extremely slow", this seems to be a clue. I do wonder if 4gigs of ram is too small for your use. As such, the ram memory could also be overloaded with lots of apps (some of which you may not need running) that the remaining free memory is small and burdens your cpu.

The site that is giving you java script errors is a game site. right? When games are played on computers, they utilize a lot of resources. That is why some computers are designated as game machines while others are designated as business class machines and others as home pc's.

In any case, previously, you had cited here and there that they system was working great. What I suggest is to tune up your windows. The objective here is to focus on windows efficiency and to turn off the light-switch for all none windows programs in the meantime. Alternatively, you may simply need to add more memory. But we can first see if your current memory is inadequate for you.

let me know if you want to proceed with the above. we can also do this via email too. please find my email inside the FF user profile account on this site.  :-)

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Hey, dbben,

I do not have too many apps on my laptop and don't think ram is the issue.

The game site is a brand new issue - just started playing. Was experiencing awful script errors long before it. Mostly errors on, weather underground, Facebook, and a few others. They have tapered off but with the setting at 0 - I think email was freezing instead of providing script errors. Changed it to 60 last night and just opened the computer a little while ago.

Yes, would be happy to follow your troubleshooting ideas but I don't think memory is the problem.

Email more convenient. Either way is fine with me.

Thank you.

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ok, thanks for the additional information.

what we know is that FireFox works 100% well on a 100% windows only operating system. So lets begin the process of elimination with windows o.s.

open the windows task manager, ctrl alt del, then go to start up.

you will find a number of items that are enabled.

at this time, disable all of them. this is just temporary.

reboot machine and retry FireFox only and with their sites.

we will then go to the next step after your update.  :-)

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