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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

Mozilla crashes a lot in my computer

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Hello please there's some about:crashes : The list is very long... There's some just crased today, thanks for your help.

bp-ea1733c3-7f4b-45e6-8ca4-da7910210429 bp-6482e62d-feb3-46e5-8a8a-4b2420210429 bp-b0605132-5cb2-4335-9e56-281e40210429 bp-e7193168-86e4-4425-8459-0c99a0210429 bp-296aebd0-64ef-4ab0-9624-4f9df0210429 bp-5c19e1d5-8edd-4e80-95ea-546410210429 bp-897a7c0a-2ca6-44f4-aa4d-1f45d0210429 bp-f8402f47-c747-4d63-b783-97d7d0210429 bp-43d5377c-9376-4e3e-85b2-98ce40210429 bp-e8db679b-f941-48a7-9353-ca0140210429 bp-ebcfdbd5-a592-4732-84b3-0af930210429

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Can you check, how much virtual memory do you have?

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Hello, thanks for your answer I read 12288 MB, it is ok? Need more?

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I have only 2700 MB and doesn't have this problem.

Is it manual setup, or system-controlled?

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Didn't touch or change nothing, I openet the System Properties and 12288 MB is what I read, must be system-controlled isn't?

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I have 4 GB RAM.

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  • bp-ea1733c3-7f4b-45e6-8ca4-da7910210429
Available Page File : 14,196,736 bytes (14.2 MB)
Available Physical Memory : 658,939,904 bytes (658.94 MB)
System Memory Use Percentage : 84
OOM Allocation Size : 131,072 bytes (131.07 KB)
TotalPageFile : 17160843264
TotalPhysicalMemory : 4275941376

You run out of page file space.

Do you let Windows handle the Page file automatically or have you set a fixed size for the Windows Page File ?

  • Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings

If you use a fixed size for the page file then try the automatic setting and let Windows handle the page file automatically.

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I have set automatic setting. I don't remember if I changed something.

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I'm not an expert of Windows, but I'd lower it to 2-4 gigs. You could ask about it on some general computer forum.

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What other applications do you run as it looks that with almost 17 GB for the page file in use and still have issues is alarming ?

Virtual memory use might be fragmented or there are leaks that prevent memory from getting released.

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alfamaga said

Hello, thanks for your answer I read 12288 MB, it is ok? Need more?

12,288 megabytes equates to 12.2 gigs. This is too much virtual memory, imo

Available Page File : 14,196,736 bytes (14.2 MB) Available Physical Memory : 658,939,904 bytes (658.94 MB) TotalPageFile : 17160843264 TotalPhysicalMemory : 4275941376

17,160,843,264 = to 17.6 petabytes

Seems to me that the numbers you are giving us are not reconciling to the standards of normal computering, unless you are using IBM's Watson

Okulungisiwe ngu ·´¯`·...¸>-)))º> ~dbben

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Don't know, It is? What to do and how? Thanks a lot Mate.

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The info above is provided by software. Now lets take a look at the hardware:

Step 1: Open your computer bios and tell us what the exact amount of ram memory is installed. While there, see what the computer shows as the size of the harddrives. And also see if the cmos time is accurate too.

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Ouch! I will try to do it, don't know how but I will look at google!

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RAM : 4GB HD : 930GB/83,5 available.

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so the software should be indicating up to 4,000 megabytes. but as you can see by their number, they are off the charts,

in regards to pagefile, the old rule of thumb use to be that its size should be 1.5 times to amount of ram, ie 6,000 megabytes.

but with windows 10, it seems that having at around 2.5 gigs is more proficient, especially for the "hibernation mode"

so the issue here is if your physical ram memory is damaged or there is a memory leak created by bad "or" mailicious software "or" somebody went around the o.s. and inflated the numbers via software but was incompatiable with the hardware "or" is the o.s. simply needs to be reinstalled?

the other observation is that you only have 83 gigs of free hard disk space on a 1 terabyte drive. imo, 83 gigs is not good for an active operating system. But it would be ok if the drive was merely used for storing files only or for backups.

now the question is: what to do next with this mess?

1) at this time disable "all" applications that are loading / starting with your windows. 2) uninstall all add-ons in firefox 3) go into pagefile and custom set it the size, both min and max, to 2300. 4) reboot windows 5) dont run anything applications yet 6) open the properties of the disk and do a "clean-up" 7) run a sfc /scannow 8) reboot and see how you renewed system behaves.

keep us apprised.