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The New Firefox V76 New Windows and Tabs Function is Wrong Needs to be changed

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Dear Firefox Development Team.

I just came back to using Firefox for a Web Browser, I like it. However I Note there is something seriously missing here from a usability point in the Browser caused by lack of settings in the Home Section.

In Firefox, Options, Home Section you have only 2 choices a Section Called "Home Page and New Windows" and "New Tabs" this is the area that needs to be fixed and here is why.

The Choices in the Home Section, New Windows and Tabs should have a 3rd New Option added called Simply "Startup Pages". The new Home Section would have 3 options as listed below.

"Home Page" (an option to input a Single URL) "New Windows and Tabs" (again an option to input Single URL or an option for a Radio Button to "Use Home Page Settings" A new One Called "Startup Pages" ( An option for user to put in a Single URL or Mutliple URL's seperated by a PIPE simple for Multiple Pages. This new Option called Startup Pages should only load When you Start Firefox by clicking on the Desktop Firefox ICON of the ICON for the Firefox Program)

Case In Point.
When I startup Firefox I want to have it open Multiple Pages so I have what I need, this saves me time and avoids me opening what I want loaded EVERY TIME I use Firefox. You give us that option currently in a setting called "Home Page and New Windows" However you also use this when a user clicks on the Home ICON on the toolbar or open a New Window.

I and others do not want multiple pages to load each time I select the Home ICON as they are already open and most users want those STARTUP Pages to remain Open while they Browse. I also do not want my Multiple Pages to Open when I select a new WINDOW or new TAB. in the current setup you can quickly have the same pages open many many times based on the current interface options in the Home Section.

When a user wants to open Multiple Pages at Startup, they Most Generally do not want their multiple pages set in Firefox Options, Home, Home and New Windows to reopen when you want a simple NEW Window or Select the Home Page ICON. Most Users, myself included, want only a single web page to open when selecting the Home Icon in the Toolbar or When Selecting to Open a New Window, and generally users want it to be a Search Engine Page or Firefox Default Web Page. The new Microsoft Edge Browser also has issues with this type of operation and omits settings to accomplish my request.

Unfortunately GOOGLE CHROME does have options to achieve the Settings Separately and they have settings for Show Home Button, which let's you set a URL or New Tab Page, if New Tab Page is selected it simply Opens Up the Google Search page, Startup Page(s). They also have an Option and settings for On Startup where you can set a single page or Multiple pages. In Google Chrome if you want to open a new Window it simply opens the Google Chrome Search Page.

In closing I really like the new Firefox, You have done a Great Job and it is Light Years better than the New Edge Browser or Google Chrome, however to make it Really Rock and BEST IN CLASS for Operations I am hoping you can make changes to the Firefox Options, Home section to allow a more flexible and sensible operation of the Firefox Browser for Home, New Window or Tab and Startup, this would be Awesome and I do not think it would be a Major Change in the Code by adjust the Home Settings and adding a new Option

Thank you for Consideration of this Feature Request, please keep up the Great Work.

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more options

You can easily add startup pages to the command line in the desktop shortcut.

If you exceed the maximum length of the target field then use a CMD (.cmd) file with the start command.
Use the /wait parameter if you need to add addition task after closing Firefox.

  • start "" "full-path-to-firefox.exe" url1 url2 url3


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