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Repeated Firefox crashes

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi Wesley Branton

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I'm getting repeated Firefox crashes. The last three crash dumps:

bp-0ae19e65-f5be-4b42-a060-73eae2140205 bp-464c8209-5206-400d-9c7e-8ec3b2140205 22a5646c-94d6-4fd2-b89f-0e6572a94009

I already diabled the addons I don't need, and disabled flashes' Hardware Acceleration (but it seems to have reactivated the option on it's own).

Can this be solved? Thanks in advance.

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When does Firefox crash?
What are you doing at the time of the crash?

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It mostly crashes after leaving firefox open but idle for a limited amount of time (let's say 30-60 min) and restarting to browse on the internet (nothing special).

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Please try Firefox in Safe Mode. More Details

This will allow us to rule out the possibility of this crashing been caused by an extension/plugin on Firefox.

Please report back soon.

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I'm going to try immediately. Only it will take time before I know it is stable (because crashes are unpredictable). Thanks so far.

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Hi Wesley, in safe mode no crashes so far.

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This issue is most likely caused by a Firefox extension.
Further instructions can be found here.

Please report back when your problem is solved.