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Firefox 25.0.1 & Windows Server 2003 Entreprise SP2 compatible ?

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At exit Firefox crash with a memory error that can't be read by an instruction

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Hi dvigneron,
Sorry it is crashing. AFAIK it should be supported and not crashing.

I haven't specifically checked but would anticipate Win Server2003 to be Tier 1 Firefox supported, but we need crash report IDs anyhow IF this is a Firefox Crash you are reporting.
(You appear to be running 32bit Firefox on a 32 bit machine)

  • Or is this a BSOD System Crash ?
  • Why are you running the unsupported Firefox 25 ?
  • The current release is Fx26 and about to update to Fx27
  • Corporate users may be on ESR and using Fx24.2 esr

Navigate to about:crashes and provide a couple of the Crash ID strings please, they commence with bp-
see Firefox crashes - Troubleshoot, prevent and get help fixing crashes

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Hi John, Thank for you help.

I tried FF 26 and I still have a memory error at exit. But when I launch again FF and try about:crashes there is no crash recorded.

It's not a BSOD. In the Event viewer I have again : Application popup : nsAppShell:EventWindow: Firefox.exe - Erreur d'application : L'instruction à "0x61201669" emploie l'adresse mémoire "0x00000050". La mémoire ne peut pas être "read".

PS: Ps for my bad english, I'm on the over side of atlantique and it's not my native language :-) .

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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

Working in the dark if we have no Crash ID

Windows Server 2003 needs a minimum of SP1 for Firefox compatibility so with SP2 you should be fully compatible. (Using 32 bit Firefox).

You may need to use Firefox 25 for some odd reason but if you could do a custom install of Firefox 26 that is the supported Release. It is easy to use a second version of Firefox as long as it has its own profile.

When doing this also create a new clean test profile and try to run the problem Firefox 25 install with that profile. It may work as such crashes may be related to profile problems.


  • Windows Safe Mode
    Try Using Windows Safe Mode with networking. Does that help and either to prevent Crashes or give a Crash that has a submitted crash report.
  • Check Your RAM
    Use memtest or similar to run an overnight test on the RAM. Faulty RAM may be a cause of the problem, and a reason for the lack of Crash Reports.
    Memory issues may affect Firefox's ability to deal with submission of Crashes.
  • If not fixed we do need Crash Reports. Or failing that someone could probably work from a Windbg stack trace.

The error message in English would I expect be

Title: "nsAppShell:EventWindow: firefox.exe - Application Error" 
Message: "The instruction at "0x61201669" referenced memory at "0x00000050". The memory could not be "read".
PS: Ps for my bad english, I'm on the over side of atlantique and it's not my native language :-) . 

I am on the same side of the pond as you ;-)