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Keeps freezing and not responding

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For the past few weeks my web browser keeps freezing up on me and i get the message on top of the browser saying not responding. I thought my computer was all cluttered with files or cookies. So I reinstalled my windows 7. In the process deleting everything on my computer. I thought this was going to fix the problem but no luck. It is still doing the same thing.

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just install a previous version of firefox (ex. 24). & reply if the problem presist.!!!!

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Hello , please refer to this article

Firefox hangs or is not responding - How to fix

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It started happening to me when I updated Flashplayer. Not only did Firefox hang but sometimes it would also crash. I went into 'about:crashes' and checked the last 5 crash reports and every report said "plugin Shockwave Flash Version:11.9.900.117 Filename:NPSWF32_11_9_900_117.dll"

I uninstalled Firefox then reinstalled it and now it's working fine. Maybe it was an add-on that was upsetting Flashplayer. I now only install add-ons one at a time before testing them.

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I've read article after article it still shudders and shakes not responding, at one time you had a trouble shooter which I was trying to get but couldn't cause it was not responding