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Bookmarks from folders have disappeared, I was just working on them yesterday and when I go to work on them today I find they've dissppeared.

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Bookmarks from certain folders have just disappeared, the folders are there but it says they're empty, I was just working on these folders yesterday.

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So it's been 5 days and absolutely no one hear wants to help me with my problem, you people are more concerned with telling me that your volunteers instead of actually helping. I've waited patiently for help and have been ignored, so far this is the worst customer service I've encountered you people should be ashamed of your self's.

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Patiently waited? Surely you jest!

Try disabling that iCloud Bookmarks 1.0.18 extension and see if your bookmarks stop disappearing. I don't use that extension and don't know when it syncs with the iCloud server or how it works, I use Firefox Sync instead.

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Oh so you've taken to mocking people who need help now very mature of you. Hey Guess what it's already disabled cause I"M IN SAFE MODE CAUSE FIREFOX KEEPS CRASHING ON START UP. How about instead of mocking people you actually read the problems they have.

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