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I need Active X plug-in for some features my brokerage website for Jave and Adobe Reader to properly function. You have blocked Active X. How do I get it to wo

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My brokerage requires Active X in order for Adobe Reader and Java to function. Without Active X neither work. After a lengthy session with their tech staff I was told to contact you or use IE. I hate IE. IE is the whole reason I got FF back when you folks first updated it to FF 0.7. That was in early '04. I haven't looked back. I HATE IE!


If Active X is so bad, why does Google Chrome use it? Is it not a security thing but rather a licensing issue?

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Firefox does not support ActiveX. It's proprietary so that's why. But I found a solution for you. Download this http://code.google.com/p/ff-activex-host/downloads/detail?name=ffactivex-setup-r39.exe&can=2&q=

This will allow you to have Active X working.

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Joseph. where did you read that Chrome supports ActiveX?

That's basically the same thing as available for Firefox - an IETab extension.


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Chrome doesn't support ActiveX, nor does any other browser except IE. Either use IEtab like suggested above, or IE.

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Please also update to Firefox 22 Update Firefox to the latest release

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That pløug ins dosen't work here! After install, punch in my ip address, and again I was recomanded to "instal the plug ins"=ActiveX fir IE working! Sorry.

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Using Firefox 25.0. Dosen't help!