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Each time I click the "Open a New Tab" button, how do I make FF open to my homepage and why isn't this default behavior?

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Firefox does not default to your homepage when you manually open a new tab. It should do so. Is there a way to make FF do this? Is it an addon? If so, should this not be default behavior and just be incorporated into the browser?

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You can middle-click the toolbar Home button to open the home page in a new tab.

You can set the String pref browser.newtab.url on the about:config page to the URL of the page that you want to open in a new tab.

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Thank you SO much. Your instructions were very easy for me to follow & figure out

I would like to make a suggestion that you go into even more detail for those users who truly don't know how to do much on a computer.  Add to your instructions:
  • Once you have entered into the "about:config" page and scrolled down to locate "browser.newtab.url ", you must DOUBLE-click on it in order to make it editable.
  • A small window will appear prompting you to type in the web address, etc. of the page you want to automatically open every time you open a NEW tab. You must include the appropriate prefix such as: "www." or "https://" , etc.
  • Select "OK".

You'd think that these things would be self-explanatory, but for someone who is truly a new or infrequent computer user (yes, there are still some of those folks walking the planet!), they would be much-appreciated additional details.

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  1. Type about:config in Firefox's location bar
  2. Find browser.newtab.url
  3. Double click on it
  4. Paste your homepage link into the text box
  5. Click Ok