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How do I change/add icons on the bookmark toolbar?

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I'm really new to Firefox and having a little trouble customizing the appearance. On the bookmark toolbar, some "buttons" have icons that represent the website...google, for instance, has the blue square with "g" in the center, duckduckgo has the duck head icon. Some websites however don't automatically show an icon on the bookmark button. Some show nothing, while others show a dotted square. Is there anyway to set an icon for these buttons? I can do that using IE but can't seem to figure out how to on Firefox.

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that addon will only work for monday and tuesday, as FF 22 breaks it.

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It works but is nothing like the original solution.

Its a pity that the Firefox Team broke the add-on repeatedly and never bothered to fix the base issue which is the adding and changing of the bookmarks icon should be a BASE feature of Firefox!

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I had the same problem. The currently available plugins don't seem to work or don't do the job, so I came up with my own solution.

I created a blank html page and saved it to my hard drive in its own folder. In that folder, I also saved the favicon I wanted (in .ico format) and made sure the code for the page linked to it. I then viewed the page in Firefox to see if the favicon would appear on the page tab. It did, so I dragged the tab to the bookmarks bar, then edited the code for the page so that it redirect to the page I actually wanted to go to. Works like a charm! Not as good as having a dedicated FF function or plugin, but it does get the job done.

Now, if I could only find a solution that works for javascript bookmarklets.

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