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How can we disable address bar (navigation bar) but should display multiple tabs?

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we have firefox esr version which we use in kiosk mode. we want to disable navigation bar but should be able to open multiple tabs and access them.

Now problem is : once i enable tabs and navbar is hidden. then we are not able to access next/previous tabs. key shortcut (Ctrl+tab or Ctrl+shift+tab) doesn't work. so we can not see another tab.

once i show navbar/tabs then address bar/search bar is also visible which we don't want.

Our requirement is to see multiple tabs with no address/search bar. Please provide help on how we can go to solve this.


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Hey fazorboy!

Have you tried removing the address bar with these steps?

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Does it help if you move the tab bar to below the toolbars (i.e. not on top)?

Current Firefox versions only show the "Tabs on Top" menu entry in the "View > Toolbars" and "Firefox > Options" menu and in toolbar context menus if the tabs aren't in the default position on top.

If the tabs are on top and the menu entry isn't available and you want to move the tabs below the navigation toolbar then you need to flip the browser.tabs.onTop pref to false on the about:config page.

Note that even if you hide the Navigation Toolbar it is still possible to bring up a location bar via the Ctrl+L shortcut.

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thanks to all, this link worked for me. http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/939601

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You can consider adding these to hide the open location dialog (Ctrl+L) and the URL bar and Search bar if they would be moved to another toolbar via customization mode.

#openLocation { display:none!important; }
#urlbar-container { display:none!important; }
#search-container { display:none!important; }
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thanks cor-el, navbar itself is enough, tabs are still visible.my problem is solved.