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Firefox 13.0.1 shows my menu bar split over two lines, wasting a lot of screen space. Also, my bookmarks drop-down menu in the bookmarks toolbar is now gone,

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Website title and the menu bar used to be on the same top line (I think) - or maybe the website title didn't show on the top line because it was already showing on the tab bar. But now, with Firefox 13.0.1, I have five lines of stuff (from the top, they are: website title; menu bar (File, Edit, etc.); Tabs line; Navigation toolbar/line; bookmarks toolbar) before I get to my actual webpage screen. It used to be four lines, which was tolerable.

Also, the bookmarks drop-down has disappeared from the bookmarks toolbar - I used to have it on the far right of the bookmarks toolbar.

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I believe you can replace the bookmarks item from the toolbar customize window.

In your detailed description, you are not indicating that the menu is taking up two lines. If you are not using Tabs on Top, the tab bar should be on the fifth line.

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Hello again, Getting rid of the menu toolbar, the tabs returned to the top and the bookmarks drop-down returned to the right-side of the bookmarks toolbar. I don't know how I had changed the settings - possibly my toddler fiddling with the keyboard.. Thanks for trying to help!