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Where can I find my installed addons?

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi mhead0085

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I have recently decided to take the plunge and have installed two addons but, unfortunately, I can't find one of them on my Firefox's Toolbars, including the addon bar. I thought they would both automatically be added to one or another of the bars. One is on my addon bar but the other is missing although, according to the Addons Manager, it is enabled. Is there something I have to do to be able to add this to either one of my Toolbars, or the addon bar? I use Windows 7 and Firefox 9.0.1

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Hi mhead0085,

What add-ons are you talking about? Each add-on will have unique characteristics. I would go to Tools > Add-ons and see if there are any options for the add-ons. Some add-ons will display in the Tools menu as well.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks for your response. The addon is My-Translator 0.3. I did put that in the initial post but in a separate box, I didn't realize that it wouldn't be visible to readers. I have checked the addon's options but there is nothing there other than a box to choose languages which is pretty useless as I can't get to the addon to use it to translate text. Unfortunately instructions are very limited. I only have two addons and one of them, not the Translator, is indeed in the Tools menu and on the addon bar. That's why I don't know what has happened with the Translator as it is in neither place.

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Thank you. That answered my question perfectly. I didn't see that particular page when I installed the addon and I didn't think to right click on the page for a translation. Now I just need to find a translator that sits quietly in my Toolbar and waits foir me to click it and enter some text to translate :) I appreciate the swift responses.