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Why is it that the higher the Firefox rev. number goes the fewer add-ons are compatible? Many of my favorites are now disabled with Firefox 6. Each time Firefox is "improved" the situation is worse.

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Aardvark, Add to Amazon Wish-List Button, Google Toolbar for Firefox, Norton Toolbar, Print Edit, PrivacyChoice TrackerWatcher, and others are disabled.

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Firefox 6 beta was just released a couple of days ago.

  • The beta versions are for final testing and the testing could go on for weeks before a final release.
  • Only experienced testers should be using the beta versions and you must be prepared for possible problems when using a beta version of any software.

Many/most developers of add-ons have not had an opportunity to test their add-ons and update the information contained in the add-ons that indicate with which Firefox versions the add-ons are compatible.

NOTE: I do not know about your other add-ons, but Google Toolbar for Firefox and Norton Toolbar have not yet been updated by Google and Norton for Firefox 5.

You can go back to Firefox 5 or you can try this add-on that tries to force compatibility with the version you are using; some may be compatible without changes and work properly and some may not.

A little background on add-on compatibility
Included with every Firefox extension is a file named install.rdf. In that file is a parameter "em:maxVersion" which indicates the maximum Firefox version with which the extension has been tested and approved by the developer. Only the developer is responsible for changing that parameter. Firefox enforces that parameter.

That said. developers know where to find the Firefox release schedule for new versions and where to find the test versions (beta) to use to test their product. The location of the release schedule and the beta versions is no secret. Firefox 5, and all other versions, underwent several weeks of beta testing, during which third-party developers had an opportunity to do their testing and make necessary changes to make their product(s) compatible.

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