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I lost all my Bookmorks after installing a new operating system.

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I have just obtained a new PC and installed Windows 7 Ultimate in 64 Bit. And as is usual for me DESPITE backing up etc the whole shebang blew up in my face! the back up failed and I had to re-install again! So question is I have the OLD operating system on the OLD HD so I can find things. So how do I find the old bookmarks etc. and move same to my NEW HD and so enjoy my old settings? Indeed is it possible to install AL of the old settings from the older copy of Firefox on my old drive? If so and it is a relatively easy thing to do please feel free to ridicule me but do at least offer to help? :-)



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See ask a question of a "SENSIBLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE" person and get a reply (even I can understand.) Ask me to do something and get a silly question. That is why you are answering the questions and I am sat here scratching my head! :-)

So to answer my own SILLY question.....yes I am stupid. well as stupid as stupid gets anyway!

OK so I have followed the instruction AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE. And I found an sqlite file named "index" but that is all? And that was by going to the drive that has my OLD Mozilla files on it and then I clicked on.....


IF I use C:\ instead I can get:


BUT there is also a file called "url3classifier.sqlite" in the list of files, BUT this drive is Win7 Ultimate of course where the other drive is running XP professional.

Any good??


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