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I would like to print in readable font. When I print it is squint print. How do I change this?

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I can change the font size on screen, but when I print it the font is very tiny. It is important to have my print outs be readable font. I have had to copy the text into word and then print. Quite a lot of work. What can I do to print decent size fonts?

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File > Page Setup - Scale

What is the Scale set to?
100% is usually best

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Yes, it is set to 100% The shrink to set page is checked. Should it be?

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I prefer the "Shrink to Fit" setting myself, and when that is check-marked 100% is set automatically.

Is that happening with all web sites, or only certain web sites?

If only a few web sites, you could try a setting like 125% and see how it is, but that may cut off the right-side of the page.

There are way too many problems (Bugs that never get fixed) with printing from Firefox, but printed font size problems are unusual when the user has it set for 100% scale.

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setting scale to 125% does make the printing far more readable, but it seems to mess with other stuff. Maybe I can live with it and go back and forth, and be sure to do a print preview before I print to be sure I am getting the information from the page that I really want. Lots of hassle.