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Facebook forms and action links like "untag" do not work in 3.6.8

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I upgraded to 3.6.8 last night, and now nothing on Facebook will work. If I try to post a status update or something on a friend's wall, the form doesn't automatically expand upon clicking in the box, and the submit button doesn't work. Also, when I try to untag pictures, the link does nothing. I switched to Safari, and everything works fine. While I love Firefox and have been using it religiously for years, it just seems to get MORE bugs as time goes on, like Flash video players not working correctly sometimes until a full quit-and-reopen in the last version. I love Google, too, but have never bothered to try Chrome... until now. I'm finally going to download it. I'll be back, eventually.

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Facebook - Everything works perfectly in Safari but since I upgraded Firefox to 3.6.8, messages don't work, comments, don't work, show all comments buttons don't work etc. Have removed cookies, logged out and back in, etc. problem remains.

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My facebook page doesn't display past the header at the top :o/

Ah well....


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So, when is the update coming out to fix the problem without causing any others? I'm using Windows 7 and never had an issue prior to this upgrade.