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cannot import settings from previous version because of "beta participation"

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I have just upgraded to v3.6.8 and all bookmarks, add-ins, etc are lost. Message at start-up says "beta participation detected" and my old firefox-3.5 directory is renamed to firefox-3.5.abandoned. I am not aware of ever loading a beta version.

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You might want to ask about that in the Ubuntu forums. The version of Firefox 3.6.8 you have is not an official version from Mozilla, it is a modified version from Ubuntu. It has the Ubuntu Firefox Modifications 0.9rc2 extension, which is part of the Ubuntu customizations for Firefox, and it isn't available ala carte, AFAIK - I have looked for it to dissect it to see exactly what those mods are, and can't find it as a separate download.

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Thanks for your reply. The symptoms disappeared while I was working on a xinerama problem which involved lots of restarts of gdm. I don't know whether the two problems were related but, as I can no longer reproduce the FireFox symptoms, I'll just walk away. I will read up on Ubuntu FireFox Modifications, tho' - thanks for the pointer.