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Fallback Font Issues

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Hi, Linux user here. So I've set up fallback fonts for Arabic script languages, both using system configuration files and the Firefox preferences. However, on websites, the Arabic text is not displayed in the font I have chosen, rather other fonts. It used to be so that all text using Arabic script used the font I had chosen, but now it's only true for when I type in the address bar, the window titles, etc, not for websites. How do I fix this?

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If you go to about:config and search for the setting "layout.css.font-visibility.level", is it set to 2? If so, this is an experimental feature designed to make it harder for websites to "fingerprint" your browser and track you without your knowledge/consent, but to do this, it blocks sites from using extra fonts you have installed.

You can reset this setting to 3 to restore access to all fonts, at the cost of possibly decreased privacy.

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See also:

# Visibility level of font families available to CSS font-matching:
#   1 - only base system fonts
#   2 - also fonts from optional language packs
#   3 - also user-installed fonts