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Change my FireFox account email

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1. Yahoo is or has closed my account because I chose not to upgrade to their new system. How do I change my Firefox account using my new email ([email]@wavecable.com) ? 2. for some time I have been unable to print articles from the internet using Firefox while I can with Microsoft Explorer. I prefer to stay with Firefox except for this one inconvenience. I mentioned this to my printer support (Brother Printer) and they said that they could not help me and that I would need to go to Firefox Support.

My old Yahoo may not be working so please use my new email (xxx @wavecable.com)

Thank you very much for your help

Dick Nehls

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Andrew vào

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For #1:

The method I know to change your Firefox Account email address requires that you still have access to the old address for verification. See: Change primary email address on Firefox Accounts.

For #2:

What happens when you try to print?

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Thank you for your quick response. Since Yahoo has cancelled my email account with them it, as far as I understand, will not allow me to add an additional email address.

Part of my problem is that I have been recovering from a mild heart attack in June limiting my time to deal with this issue and many other things. If Firefox does not allow me an alternative to adding a second email I guess I have a problem in continuing with Firefox as my browser.

I was attracted to Firefox because of their stand on protecting my privacy, so I will regret having to go elsewhere.

If you choose to reach me I guess you will have to use my new email xxxx.xxxxx @wavecable.com thanks to Yahoo's arbitrary policy.

Thanks again for your quick response.


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Được chỉnh sửa bởi James vào

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Hi Dick, you can create a new Firefox Account with your new address and abandon the old one. As long as you still have your data (bookmarks, logins, etc.) stored locally in your Firefox installation, that shouldn't cause any serious problems.

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