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Prevent tab restore on browser crash

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I've been having some issues with firefox trying to restore tabs from previous sessions. I've already turned off the option in the settings menu and it doesn't normally do it but occasionally my pc will crash when I have 4-5 tabs open (though that's because I got a bit of a potato laptop because of not reading the fine print but that's neither here nor there) and when this happens and I go to reopen firefox it will try to open those few tabs at once which creates a cycle of my computer freezing up. I tried looking at a couple of firefox help articles and have been directed to this page (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/restore-previous-session) but I can't find the info relevant to my problem.

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You may have corrupt sessionstore [v56] sessionstore.jsonlz4 file(s). Delete all sessionstore* files and the sessionstore-backups folder.

Type about:support<enter> in the address bar.

Under the page logo on the left side, you will see Application Basics. Under this find Profile Folder. To its right press the button Show Folder. This will open your file browser to the current Firefox profile. Now Close Firefox.

Windows: Show Folder; Linux: Open Directory; Mac: Show in Finder

Linux: Under the page logo on the left side, you will see Application Basics. Under this find Profile Directory. To its right press the button Open Directory.

Locate the above file. Then rename or delete it. Restart Firefox.

Don't delete the files if you need to rescue any data from them, just move them out of the profile folder to some location where Firefox doesn't look for them. You can try to read out their contents using this tool: https://www.jeffersonscher.com/res/scrounger.html

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If you have the Firefox icon in your taskbar at the bottom of your screen, instead of clicking on it to start Firefox normally, right click on it and then in the context menu that opens click "Open new tab". After a crash, that will start Firefox with a window that has two tabs. The first tab contains a page with a "Restore Session" button in case you do actually want to restore your session (just close the tab if you don't).

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You can set browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes = 0 on the about:config page.

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can click the button to "Accept the Risk and Continue".

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